• Samantha Dawn

2018: Recap

I liked 2018. I accomplished a lot. I learnt a lot. I felt at peace with myself. I really like recapping my years, it's like a time capsule to my life. I'm not going to keep this intro long, I am just going to share with you.


I started 2018 by fixing my blog and spending time outside. I found out I needed surgery, which was scary. I went to a vegan potluck; I made vegan cheesecake. I went back to blonde.

In February, I went for my Barre training. My cubicle moved to the second floor of my building. I went skiing. I went to Cuba.

In March, I had surgery, I connected with my sister, I made vegan pop-tarts that were delicious, I made a baby blanket, and I cut my hair short.

In April, I started my CPA, I discovered brussels sprouts and asparagus covered in garlic and butter, my roommate who I loved moved out, and I made my first pie.

In May, we made my box planters for my urban garden, I bought a lot of flowers and plants for said garden, and we can't forget that Prince Harry got married.

In June I turned 25! My co-workers decorated my office, I got some goldfish, I got to moderate a meeting between CABS presidents, I visited a friend in PEI, and I got head shots done.

In July, I went to the beach, I painted my lawn furniture, I watched my sister graduate, my favourite tiny human turned 1, I went to drag bingo, I played some golf, I saw the Red Sox play in Fenway park, and I saw Taylor Swift in concert.

In August I went to a wedding by myself (never again), I went to Crystal beach, I walked in the pride parade, I went kayaking, I helped my sister set up her classroom.

In September, I hosted my last Celebration of Courage, I ran my last survivor tent at Run for the Cure, I bought a lot of pumpkins, I visited PEI, and I went apple picking.

In October, I took some time to visit some family members. I went to the cottage, I went to a nordik spa, I saw the Big Nickel, I squatted 45 pounds, I dressed up as Miss Congeniality for Halloween and as a Mr.Sketch marker too.

In November, I went to Saint John for work, I saw Tessa and Scott perform, and I celebrated writing 150 blog posts with food.

In December, I lit my house up, I saw the nutcracker, and I handed out a lot of cookies.


It was such a great year, 2018 was a calm year. I took care of myself, I grew a garden, I knit a ridiculous amount of hats, and I just enjoyed my life. Was it a very eventful year? Not particularly, but it was still wonderful.

Hoping that your 2018 was amazing and that 2019 is even better!

Thanks for reading,



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