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Road Reveals: Bedroom and Office Tour 2018

When I moved into my house, I put my furniture in the office and bedroom and didn't do anything. Ever since, my office has been used as a dumping zone and my room has gotten a little face lift, but lets be real, it's not up to my standard of living.

Almost a month ago, I went full cleaning and re-organization mode. I got rid of so much stuff and I re-did so much! Then I thought I would share with you the transformation. I love my new space, it feels fresh and it brings me joy.


It started off looking like this:

Then I moved the desk and moved my makeup desk to open this area.

I had so much junk

This is the after, I was finally able to put my makeup storage next to my desk and I can actually reach for everything now.

I moved my drawer system to my office because I wanted a reading nook in my bedroom. It also looked better in the office than it did in my bedroom. Now it's more of a beauty room/ closet/ office.

I moved my desk to a space behind the door, so I don't see the junk I drop on it.

The Bedroom:

I have been working on this little section for so long. The shelf was covered in family pictures, now it just has a picture of my dog. I wanted it to look simple and cute. The bed side table is always covered in things.

Now we have the biggest transformation, the reading nook.

I brought the tree from the living room to my reading nook until Christmas is over.

Can you believe I never really had a full length mirror? I can't! It's so gorgeous. I also love my faux rabbit fur rug. I just need a piece of art for the wall behind the tree.


That's the changes! Thanks for reading,



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