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Road Reviews: Cravings Hungry for More

Here is a cookbook I was so excited to find at Winners. I LOVE CHRISSY TEIGEN!!!!! I follow her on Instagram and seeing her Instagram stories for food is mesmerizing! When I got the cookbook, I wanted to review it for you. Have you ever watched Anna and Christina's Grocery bags, they review cookbooks by making recipes. Well that is what I did today. I picked three recipes, once for breakfast, one for lunch/supper, and a dessert.

I wanted to make one the Thai dishes, but I have never had any and I didn't know if I would be screwing it up.

I found choosing recipes in the book a bit hard because I don't have a budget for meat. I would say this is the book you pull out to have a nice dinner with friends or a romantic dinner. It also had an amazing brunch section, but I needed recipes for the week that I could just grab and go.

It's so funny, but looking at the recipes, I thought " I am not going to enjoy cooking this". I was wrong. Not only are the recipes I picked delicious, they were pretty easy to make. Also, now I have breakfast, lunch and dessert for the week! yay!


I made Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups, Simple Skillet Broken Lasagna, and Three-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse.

I started with the croissant bread pudding cups. I substituted the ham for turkey slices, since I can't digest ham. It says it only makes six, but I made eight. The recipe is so easy to make and delicious. I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow.

Then I made the Broken Lasagna, which is just a lasagna with broken noodles. It asked for the lasagna to be built in a skillet, but I didn't have one of those. Also, the sauce made so much that I was able to make to lasagnas and freeze one for another week (score). I didn't like that it only had basil as seasoning (other than salt and pepper) so I added Italian spices and Oregano. I also didn't make the sauce with meat, I made it with soy meat. My house smells so good right now. It looks amazing, it smells amazing and tastes delightful.

The last thing I made was the chocolate mousse. Which is one of my favourite desserts. I was so skeptical about this dessert because it only had three ingredients and needed whole milk, which I have never baked with, I had to seriously google what to buy before going to the store. This was so easy to make and so decadent. OMFG, I never want to make chocolate mousse any other way!

Overall, the cookbook had great recipes and like I mentioned before, its not the kind of recipes you meal prep with, but the kind you bring out when you need to impress someone and not kill yourself in the kitchen. The book has amazing pictures, great little one-liners, and every recipe has a little story behind it. I would recommend this cookbook to everyone.


Thanks for reading!


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