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Road Reviews: Feminasty by Erin Gibson

Every now and then I find a book and I think "People need to know how much I love this book". In September I read Feminasty by Erin Gibson and I was blown away by her honesty and how she was able to grasp concepts that left me yelling "Yes!" to the book. I laughed, I felt moved, and overall, I left feeling empowered.

I don't do book reviews, but I wanted to start, which is why I brought in a new category on the blog called Entertainment. I want to leave this short and sweet, so I am going to do top 5 things about this book. It's a review, so i'm going to be honest.


1) Erin Gibson is a good writer. I find books easier to read when I can get into the narrative. Sometimes the narrative of a book reads like a boring person, I love when I find a book that reads like someone who has confidence and knows what they are talking about. If that doesn't make sense to you, please read a few more books.

2) You won't like this book if you have never experienced misogyny and the patriarchy. Gulp, I know some of you will be like "Sam, that's just not true", but this book can come off as a bit much to certain people and I understand, you haven't experienced the patriarchy and you can't relate. However, for the people who can relate to having been subjected to misogyny or the patriarchy, you will love this book.

3) It's primarily based on issues in the United States. There's a whole chapter on Mike Pence, she talks about issues in health care for women. That being said, it is still very educational and a valuable read.

4) The book is funny. There were so many times I laughed because I understood exactly what she was talking about.

5) The title had me hooked immediately, I paid full price for a hard cover book. It's catchy, smart, and intriguing. If I had the money to purchase a picture of the book, I would... I spent it on the book.


I whole heartedly recommend this book. Issues like the patriarchy and misogyny can be taken down if we are all educated. It breaks my heart to hear people say that they don't want to read books like this because they won't be able to change anything. It breaks my heart that people see this book as a whiny angry narrative. We have not reached equality for all and we have not reached the peak level of feminism.

There is just so much you can do, especially you my readers, I know that primarily all my readers are from Canada, where you haven't had to face as much adversity, where things have been relatively easy for most of you. I have to plead with you to educate yourselves on feminism because we have the power to change, we have the power to help others. Even if you can just change your narrative, the way you speak, will do wonders. It's astronomical how we need to continue the fight our ancestors started because we are not equal until we are all equal. you can make a difference, even if you think you cannot, you just need to start by educating yourself.

All women should have the right to a safe abortion if they want it, without judgement or a list of things they need to do beforehand.

All women should be allowed to an education.

All women should feel safe and respected.

All women should have equal pay.

All women should not have to deal with misogyny and being depicted as the lesser gender.

Pussy is not a term of weakness.

Thanks for reading,



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