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My Favourite Halloween Costumes for 2018

It's no surprise I love Halloween. Well it shouldn't be, I normally pick out a costume in August, but it's never set in stone. I can decide to be a skeleton, but then end up going as the maid from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I also sometimes have a costume in mind, but it's last minute and it comes together in a few hours, like when I dressed up as Taylor Swift in 2017.

Halloween costumes can be tough, sometimes you think you have something original, but you show up to a party and some girl has your costume.

Look at my face, I am not happy. Smiling through my sadness.

Sometimes, you make all your friends dress up as Disney princesses so you can be Jasmine and spend $140 on making a costume. Then lend it to someone only to get it back three years later and it's missing a bunch of gems you put on it (it's happens).

My favourite costumes though are when I plan something really cool and end up going as a witch.

I wore this for twenty minutes, went home and got pizza. I was going to be Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.

For all it's charm, Halloween is fun. It can be disastrous, it can be funny, it can even be outright weird. For all it's wonder, Halloween is fun, it makes me happy, and I can't quite get enough.

Here are my favourite costumes for 2018.


Young Donna Sheridan

Maybe it's because I love Mamma Mia and I really feel we should all be early Donna, but I love the originality of a true disco diva.

Regina Georges mom

She was a legend the moment they said her boobs were hard as rocks, so don't forget that part!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the gym

Couldn't find a gif, but google it, she's incredible.

Mrs. Doubtfire

How can you not love her? A true classic.

Mrs. Trunchbull

Now she was scary.

Wilma Flinstone and Betty Rubble

I love this costume, it's so simple, yet no one is doing it.

Mrs. Frizzle

Find a lizard and a toy bus and scream "okay bus, do your stuff" all day.

The Kardashian Children

It's not the most obvious, but makes for a wonderful picture.

Fairy Godmother

So maybe not everyone's Fairy Godmother character is Whitney Huston, but you get the idea.

Tessa and Scott

I'm still obsessed.


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