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Become a Cooking Pro with These Five Recipes

I absolutely hate when people say "I can't cook".... Excuse me, what? People saying they can't cook is like saying "I'm bad at walking", when you were a baby, you couldn't walk, but you learnt and now you're great at it. It is the same thing with cooking! Nobody starts off cooking knowing what they are doing, I even still make mistakes all the time. It's natural! The first time I was asked by my parents to boil potatoes for supper, I burnt them and the pot. Thank god my dad came home early because I really could have started a fire, that' when I learnt to monitor your stove. Then I learnt how to scrub a pot and remove burn marks.

The first time I wanted to make rice crispy squares, I burnt the marshmallow; then I melted a bag to the pot trying to get the burnt marshmallow away from the smoke detector; then when the pot got heavy, I put it down on a carpeted floor mat and melted the carpet to the bottom of the pot. Know what I learnt? Just because it is hotter, doesn't mean it will cook faster. I also had to scrape the pot clean before my parents got home. The carpet with the burn mark on it is still in the garage.

Learning to cook is important, you need to feed yourself and fuel your body with all sorts of nutrients. One cannot live off of grill cheese sandwiches and wine alone (but we've all tried).

When you start to cook, you notice how much goes into your food and you appreciate it so much more, especially if it is tasty!

I've collected five recipes that I have tested myself and I find them super easy to make. To avoid an extra long blog post, I've created five separate posts that are linked to this post. Just click the title and it will bring you to the recipe.

I swear, any of these recipes can be made with ease and will make you look like a pro. You don't need to be a chef to know good food, or make good food.



Garlic and Parmesan Vegetables


Pesto Pizza

Zucchini Lasagna

Garlic Parsley Shrimp

Dessert/ Breakfast:

Baked Oatmeal Bars


I hope you like these! Thanks for reading,



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