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Frugal Woman: Hosting a Party

I've learnt that there's a lot that goes into hosting a grown-up party. Like a party where no red solo cup is in sight and the plates are ceramic. For my 25th birthday party, I wanted a party that was sustainable and cute. I also only served vegan foods and one item had to come out of my pantry for each recipe. I set a challenge and a budget.

This is the laziest way I could set up the party, without going insane from stress, or crying. I really hate the whole cleaning before a party and after a party for guests. Most people skip the step, but I can't. You also shouldn't if you have any pride in your house.

I started off with making a menu. I made fries from scratch, a seven layer dip, and Daiya Cheese Chips. I also made these wraps, but they were horrible. There was also vegan chips.

The seven-layer dip was the real winner of the night. It's a layer of refried beans, Yves ground round cooked in taco seasoning, homemade cashew cream, pico de gallo, chopped tomato and red peppers, Jalapeno, and green onion.

To make the Daiya chips, I placed about a medium cookies worth of cheese on a baking pan and placed a slice of jalapeno on top. Bake it until it is firm. Then let it cool. It's actually pretty good, way better than the cheese melted.

I bought all the serving plates at the Dollarama, surprisingly, they have a lot of serving plates that look expensive, but are cheap. I also got some wine glasses and a plastic tablecloth (because the reusable ones were disgustingly ugly) For like 20 items it cost me $50. It would have been so much more expensive at Home Sense.

I got the furniture brought in by my parents house, who has patio furniture. This was before I had a swing. I strung up my clear Christmas lights, which summer lights are $50 a box, no thank you. For the 2-4 hours people will see them, it's so much cheaper to use what you have.

All in all, this cost about $100. Food prep was like two hours and clean up was one hour. My sister made me a cake, so that helped immensely in time. I also had a lot of help from my parents who set up the furniture.

My best trick: don't over complicate your life, do what you can, make foods that are easy to clean and find a guest who can help clean. Don't leave all the cleaning to the next morning, you may be hungover and that's going to suck the next day.


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