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Road Reveals: Skincare

Shelfie Alert! I'm not going to spend long on the intro. We have too much skincare to get through! These are just some of my holy grail products that I use in the span of a week or at least two weeks. Everything ranges from $5.80 to $99 and also, some of these things I got as sample and some I got for free, some I waited until they were on sale to buy.


Starting at the top left corner, we have the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which I've spoken about before, but this is the only cleanser that has truly not irritated my face and actually helped in the healing process. I get mine at Sephora and a 150ml bottle lasted about 6-7 months, washing my face twice daily (you only need a dimes worth)

Next to that I have the Palmer's Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil. If you wear waterproof mascara or have heavy makeup days, this is the cleanser you want! It's also super cheap compared to other oil cleansers and is found at Walmart! You don't need a cotton pad to use this product.

Then we have the Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask. I love this for when my face feels filled with junk, this helps bring the gross stuff to the surface over the next few days of using it.

Then I have the Body Shop's Drop's of Light Liquid Peel. This got me in the store almost immediately after trying it. It's a chemical peel that is really gentle, but it peels off that gross layer of dead skin from your face. I also used it on my arms and it was so gross, but so cool!

Then we have Origins Modern Friction, which is my favourite facial exfoliator because it's gentle, but picks up the big pieces of dead skin.

Next to that is Origins Dragon fruit, it's a limited edition mask, but it's so nice and leaves the face brightened and plump.

Next to that are collagen face masks, which are amazing and leave my face so so plump and firm. It's great if I've been putting my face through the ringer with exfoliators. Or poking at it (I know, I know)

Next to that are the Bioré nose strips. I love using these once a weeks to get the gunk out of my nose. They really do work, you just need to keep up with it.

Finally, we have the Coola Sport Face Sunscreen. I really like this compared to Neutrogena's, it's soft on the face, creamy, and applies really well. It also has great coverage, in the sense that I haven't burnt with this stuff.

On the top, we have the Fresh Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask. This is amazing when I have little to no acne and I just need a nice glowing morning. I apply at night and in the morning it's a fresh face for me.

Next to that, I have tea tree oil and lavender oil. These work well for little acne that I sometimes get on my forehead.

Next to that I have Fresh Vitamin Nectar Face mask. This is like the dragon fruit one, but works so well in the morning before work and they say it exfoliates, but I don't believe that, it really just brightens the face. It leaves you glowing and radiant.

On the bottom, I have The Ordinary Vitamin C serum. This is $5.80 on Sephora and is by far the only thing that get's rid of acne scaring fast. Vitamin C is amazing for cell regrowth, which is what you want when you have acne scaring. It's amazing how I can go to sleep with intense acne scars and wake up with new skin and super reduced acne scaring.

Next to that I have the Foreo Luna and I've used it once, but only because I use a face cloth to minimally exfoliate, but this is nice to keep the skin youthful and massaged.

Then I have Kate Somerville's EradiKate, which is designed to stop acne in it's trace before it come out of the woodwork. It smells of alcohol, I like it, but I haven't had to use it that much.

Then I have the Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser. I love this in the morning when my skin needs exfoliation. It smells so good!

On the top, I have Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS. It smells so incredible, it's light, and it leaves the face glowing. I ran out and went back to a regular moisturizer and I hated it. This is the goods.

Next to that is my summer eye moisturizer from Origins it's from the GinZing collection as well and it's so nice on the under eye area.

On the bottom, I have my newest day serum from The Body Shop, it's the drops of youth serum and it smells so good. I really like how light weight it is, and it has been comparable to the Drunk Elephant serum. It's also so much cheaper then what you can find at Sephora.

Then I have the Caudalie Eau de Beauté. This is so nice to spray when your face is just a little to dry after cleansing.

The last orange bottle is the Truth Serum from Ole Henriksen, it's wonderful. I ran out, but I really loved the smell and how it applied to my skin. It was just too expensive to re-purchase.

The last item is the Rose Face Mask by Fresh. It's smells amazing, and is so hydrating. I love that it has real rose petals and how it leaves my skin so soft.


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