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FabFitFun: Is it Worth It?

I bit the bullet and I bought the FABFITFUN box that honestly is so annoying with their ads. Was I impressed with what was in my box? Yes. Overall, I was pleased with the box itself. I got two things in my box that had papaya enzyme. Which is great, except that's a lot of papaya product. If you see two items that are similar, I wish they realized "hey maybe we should switch that out". Good thing I like papaya.

The box shipped pretty much when they said it would, but it took almost four weeks to get here, which is ridiculous, it was shipping from California. There were so many days that went by where the box just was not moving from where it was. I paid for the box May 11 and it shipped early June. I got the box late June, like the last week of June. They say it takes 14 business days, mine took more than 14 business days.

The purchasing of the box was a bit confusing, I didn't know they also sold random stuff, so I thought buy-on's were when I could customize my box. I got headphones that didn't work, but I did contact FabFitFun and they were amazing and have sent me a new set. Anyways, I liked what I could customize, which was a makeup bag and a ring.

I got the box for $39.99 American which in Canadian ended up being around $62.95. Which is fine, since the products I got were great. You do have to pay $8 for Canadian shipping, so I got $2 off the box, which isn't a good deal.

Will I be re-purchasing the box again? No, with all the issues in the United States and trade issues, I have been making a conscious effort to not buy anything from the USA (Which isn't that hard, there are so many options in Canada) I also really didn't like how long shipping took. There's also the issue of "if I get this box every 3-4 months, how many products will I really be using?" I've been so vocal about not keeping/buying products I'm never going to use. I know 100% I will not use all the products I get so it's wasteful for me. Goo hoarding isn't good for your soul, it's not good for the environment, and it shows companies that you're buying a product that isn't being used. Companies need to know a product isn't good.

Here is what I got in the box and again, I was very impressed with everything in the box and the presentation. I just wasn't impressed with how much time it took to ship (which I understand, doesn't always arrive on time)

The customer service though is great! Really impressed with all my interactions with them.

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