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Road Travels: Charlottetown

I left Fredericton! If anyone knows me, I start questioning my life choices when I've been around my daily patterns too long. I love my life, but man it feels so stagnant sometimes and that's when I need change of pace. So I contacted a very good friend of mine MK and asked if I could come down for the weekend. Obviously she said yes.

I left on Friday and when you just kind of get in the car without GPS, without a really good printout, you inevitably get lost. BUT NOT ME, until I got to the Charlottetown mall. I thought I was lost in Port Elgin, but then I saw the bridge and felt great.

I got to Charlottetown at 8ish and we headed straight to a pizzeria because gourmet pizza is what I had been craving. It was called Piatto and I got a margarita pizza, it was delicious.

I was saddened the whole trip that there were like two craft beers to pick from on the menu wherever we went. I mean go to almost any restaurant in Fredericton and you can get any craft brew from Fredericton you want.

The next day we had breakfast and I wanted to be touristy, so we started walking downtown. I wanted to Province House, but it's under extensive construction, so our first stop was St. Dunstan's Cathedral. It's absolutely stunning. I said a prayer and lit a candle.

Idk what this girl is wearing

Then we headed towards a warf that was primarily touristy. I don't know the name.

Anyways! We explored that and then decided to get coffee. We went to Receiver Coffee which makes an amazing cold americano coffee. I was also super impressed that every restaurant primarily had paper straws and they compost in Charlottetown!

Caught in the act of taking a picture!

Then we went to Founders Hall and when I was a kid, it was this cool museum, it is no longer a museum. Which I was really sad about, I love museums. We decided to take a Harbour Hippo Tour, which if you have a the chance to do it, go for it. It's cute and precious and totally cheezy. Maddy (maddie?) was a great tour guide.

Before the tour, we went for lunch at Peakes Quay, which has a great patio. I had tacos and a salad and it was delicious.

After the Hippo tour, we went shopping on Queen Street. Colour Blind is such a sweet shop and we also stopped at a consignment shop that had some really interesting finds. They have an olive oil store. Also, the Anne of Green Gables store is okay. We finished the shopping with ice cream (which was delicious, but it hurt my stomach)

Then we headed back to MK's house for a nap. Which was well deserved. Then we got ready for supper and went to Fishbones which was a lot of fun, I had the veggie burger and I got to meet a lot of my friends co-workers which was really nice. I love spending time in other peoples lives, it's so special to see friends and their new friends. Then Fishbones turns into a night club and I've never seen so many men in suits at a bar. Why were they wearing suits? I still don't know.

Then we got a cheese pizza at Alexandria's which makes the BEST CHEESE PIZZA, to end the night.

The next morning, we slept in, I had pizza for breakfast and then it was time for me to leave for Fredericton.

I needed a little trip and I was so glad it was to Charlottetown. I got to see an old friend and I got to adventure on my own. The road was mine, adventure was calling. On my way back after the Bridge, I stopped at Cape Jourimain to take a few pictures of the bridge. It was so peaceful and my heart was ready to come back and enjoy the quiet.

Stay-cations are my jam. I love exploring new places I've never been or visit frequently and find charm in over and over again. The ocean is my oyster and I love being able to visit it as much as I can. I felt tired after this trip, but mostly, I felt refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges come by.


Thanks for reading,



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