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Turn your Patio from Drab to Fab

I love hanging out on my parents patio, what's not to love? There's a pool, a swing, and it's really relaxing. When I moved out, all of that went away. Last year they gave me some chairs they weren't using and tbh, all of my furniture outside was at one point theirs. No, sorry, that's a lie, I did buy a patio box to store dirt and salt. Here's the thing, I love my parents old furniture, it was free, but it needed life. I am so over patio set's coming in blue, red, brown, or green. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but been there, seen it all before.

So when my parents gave me their old swing, I didn't want to say no, but it needed life brought back into. How do you bring life into old furniture? You paint it! I didn't want just any colour, I wanted pink. I love the colour and what I wanted was this classic sixties glam vibe, but that was really expensive and I had a budget.

I had a budget of $300 to revamp my outdoor space. I would have enjoyed doing it cheaper, but we live with our parameters. Mine are that I live in a small city with only a few stores with outdoor things left.

I got the paint at Home Depot, if you're thinking of painting, you probably won't need more than a quart. The chairs I painted in Pinwheel Pink using a Behr Premium Plus Ultra in an Exterior Satin Enamel finish. The swing I painted in Cotton Candy Pink in the same finish from the chairs. The paint cost $66.

I got the cushions from Lowe's. Trust me when I say this, cushions are really expensive. I had a really hard time finding cushions that worked for me and my budget. Lowe's was amazing! Not only were they the only place that had appropriately priced cushions, but they had cushions that would fit my swing. I got the allen + roth Navy 2 piece Premium Woven Deep- Seating cushion set. I wanted the stripped one, but I figured that would look dirty after a few days. It was on sale for $47.99 a piece and I got 3, so $159 after tax.

I got the throw pillows at Home Sense and like I mentioned before, pillows are expensive. I like those navy blue ones on the chairs, but I think I am going to return them for something flatter to just sit on. I spent $100 on pillows, but if I return them about $60.

Overall, I love what this patio has turned into. It's not a real patio, but it feels comfortable and it's nice. I can't wait to take naps and read books on the swing. It's a great little spot.


Oh by the way, even the planter boxes are re-used materials. It's from wood we kept over the years from renovation projects and house builds.


Thanks for reading,



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