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25 in 25

Hello readers. I've been contemplating sharing this because normally I put in really fluffy stuff and I make you feel good, but lately I've had a lot on my mind and I really need to share. It's a little more risker than what I would normally put on here, but sometimes we just need to talk about it.


1) Shorts under skirts are really comfortable

Look, I know the breeze is nice and I don't say this because the patriarchy wants us to cover up, but it's nice to just feel covered. It's the support you need to wear a dress.

2) As much as you think a diner party will be fun, there is a lot of cleaning

You have to clean before people come over and then you have to clean after people come over. It's annoying and nobody notices it.

3) Losing weight is a constant battle

It's an emotional roller coster that is so hard to be on. Nobody quite understands because we are all on a different journey. Keep pushing if that's what you want, but really just living a healthy lifestyle is the most important. Also don't worry about how slow it's going, Rome was not built in a day.

4) If you're not having fun at the bar, leave

I blame all bad DJ's. Like please don't play me some uber depressing beat and call it dance music. There is a time and a place. Songs need rhythm and songs with the same beat for thirty seconds because it's artistic isn't danceable. We all just want to dance to music with danceability.

5) Don't sleep with someone just to sleep with them

After years of not being talked to or flirted with at the bar, it finally happened and you know what I realized, it's so fun to walk away from that and go home. Maybe your stomach hurts because tbh shots hurt, or maybe you're not feeling yourself and you don't want anyone to see you intimately. Or maybe, you just think that sex should happen between two people who love each other because it is such an intimate affair.

6) You won't miss dairy

I went dairy free and eventually, you don't miss it. That being said, it's almost impossible to not have cheese in a restaurant, so I make exceptions.

7) Try growing something

It's the best feeling to know you have raised something from seed to plant.

8) Sometimes you have to tell yourself to get out of bed

Once a week, there I am having a great sleep, but I have to get up and sometimes I have to speak up and say "Okay, time to get out of bed"

9) Working out isn't that bad

I enjoy it, in the fact that I know it's important for me and what else would I do on a weeknight?

10) Call your grandparents

They have a lot to talk about. Also, they love you and cherishing them is important.

11) Visit your parents

Or at least call all the time if you can't visit. They love you, they want the best for you, but they need attention too.

12) Your daily routine will eventually bore you

Do something different, change, envolve yourself so you are never stagnant

13) Get rid of the toxic people

Look, they may not think they are toxic, but if they make you cry, sometimes it means giving them the cold shoulder. You deserve so much and that involves nice people. Even if it means changing your friends around every few years.

14) Sleeping is so nice

Rest your body. Whether you're a morning person or a night person, your body needs sleep.

15) Stop talking about how single you are

I've been doing this and I have been annoying myself lately, it's okay to be single. Enjoy your time alone because you may never be single again.

16) The ocean fixes everything

I feel so at peace next to the salt water.

17) Learn how to be classy drunk

I'm not saying don't do shots, but I am saying learn to stop when you feel out of control. Your wit and charm should never be compromised when you're having fun.

18) Keep an open heart

Opportunities can be anywhere, don't close your heart off to anything.

19) Tell the people you like, you like them

Trust me, take 30 seconds of courage, tell them you like them and even if it doesn't workout, at least you know. Not knowing is worse than rejection. I ran half a block to let a guy know I liked him for a year, he just wanted to be friends, but I felt so free when I knew.

20) Eggplant is delicious

Put it on pizza, make eggplant parmesan, find a recipe you like, you can thank me later.

21) You don't need more than two phone cases

Honestly, what a waste to have more than two.

22) If you feel stuck, leave

Lately, I've felt very stuck. When I feel stuck, I leave my bubble and I go where no one knows me. It's rejuvenating.

23) Comfortable shoes are worth it

They can be cute, you don't need to kill your toes or your feet.

24) Offer a helping hand to someone who needs it

Hold the door open for elders, smile at someone, anything to make someones day just a little easier

25) Stop focusing on everything you don't have yet

You are not like the guy from university and just because it looks like a big old "boys club" from your office window, doesn't mean they are anywhere's more than you are. Every one has a journey.

Thanks for reading, Samantha

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