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25 Before 25 Update

Remember when I set a list of goals to hit before 25 in January?! I had six months to get stuff done. Here's what I did accomplish and didn't:


1) I Stepped out of my comfort zone!

I talk to people more, I say hi to my neighbors, I even told a boy I liked him (he wanted to be friends, which is fine because I got out of my comfort zone)

2) I got my Barre Instructor Certificate

I have taught two classes to my co workers who a) are amazing and b) offer lots of feedback so I can get better.

3) I did start my CPA and then I decided it wasn't for me!

It happens. I learnt that I needed more learning in my life and I learnt that accounting still is not for me.

4) I did decorate my bedroom

I really want a bench, but I did put up some art, I got fake flowers and I make my shelves look good.

5) I did declutter my house

All the stuff I don't want is behind my chair in my living room. I did organize my basement and makeup/office! I also decluttered my room!

6) I read four personal development books

I didn't get to six, but four is good. I really liked them.

7) I let go of grudges

I talked to the neighbours, they stopped making noise. I also dug deep and I've decided that I cannot go into 25 with grudges agains't anyone who hurt me. So I forgive all of you who did something crappy to me because you thought you could get away with it because I am a kind generous person.

8) I did stop using my credit card

Then I got bad again and it's a constant battle. I'm better though.

9) Forgive myself

I make mistakes, they aren't life threatening, I can normally fix them, so I am accepting that I make mistakes. I am constantly learning.

10) I did do laundry at my house

I got a washer and dryer and honestly it's great, but putting it away sucks

11) I feel like I make less of a mess in the kitchen

I was pretty bad and now i'm mildly bad.

Here are the things I didn't do:

1) Re open my RRSP

Here's the thing, I didn't know you shouldn't take out of your RRSP, so Idk if I really want to put in it.

2) Buy a diamond

I didn't buy a diamond! I can't afford one.

3) I didn't hit the fitness goal I set

I hit a different one! I have arms developing under my skin! It's still a little flabby, but you can 100% see definition and you can see definition in my legs!

4) I didn't go to the movies alone

I have no idea why I didn't go. I just didn't.

5) I didn't visit a new city

I wanted too, but I like saving my money

6) Knit some socks

I knit a baby blanket instead

7) I didn't go on a hike

I like looking at mountains, not climbing them

8) I did not date

I had surgery and I felt totally uninspired to date, does anyone else feel like the dating scene is a small small hole. I mean I want to date, I don't want to hook up with some guy and never speak to them again. It's so frustrating. Like why is it so hard to find someone who has ambition, is taller than me, and is kind? I don't feel like I'm asking for a lot, but I also don't want to give in. AM I A KNOME?! Am I totally unattractive that no guy feels like they can approach me? I think i'm really pretty and smart. I don't get it. Thanks for listening to my vulnerability rant. I just want to go on a date that a guy asked me to go on because he is interested and there's a spark.

9) I don't know anything new about wine

But I still like it.

10) I didn't go to the theatre

Oh well.

11) I don't get up at 6am

I sometimes get up at 5:50 though or I get out of bed at 6:40. Whatever.

12) I don't think I did something that scares me

I got sugaring done, which wasn't that bad.

13) I didn't start a bedtime routine

I just wash my face, watch netflix and then I go to sleep

14) Take more baths

I didn't and I now own more Lush.


Thanks for reading,



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