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25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Every now and again, I like to write a blog post like this. I am ever evolving, you should know. Maybe you know some of these and maybe you don't!


1) I know how to tap dance

2) I believe in good sportsmanship

3) I am not touchy-feely

4) I really like stand-up comedy

5) I really like laughing with my sister

6) I always wanted to pledge a sorority, like one from a movie, not an actual one

7) I really like my name

8) I like people who care about others not just themselves

9) I love french fries

10) My favourite number is 27

11) I am a sucker for packaging

12) I can be quite shy, you will need to say hi first

13) I am a francophone

14) I am honest and super loyal

15) I have no idea how to flirt

16) I love working

17) I am a morning person

18) I never realize how young I am

19) I really want to ballroom dance

20) I have B12 problems

21) If the DJ is bad, I will leave the bar

22) I hate plaid on myself, I hate camo on everyone

23) I once won a national leadership award

24) I would rather see a Broadway Musical then a concert

25) I am never looking at you, I am looking at your dog


Thanks for reading,



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