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25 Ways to be Better to the Planet

One of the biggest things I wanted to adapt in my young adult life was being super kind to the planet. I live in a city that has a crap recycling system for regular items, doesn't compost, and quite frankly offers low options for household items. So I do everything I can do be kinder to the planet. I'm disappointed in how my city views climate change, they know it's an issue, but they don't do much about it. I try so hard to find ways to be better to the planet.

Here's 25 ways to be better to the planet


1) Re-use

I don't have a problem with a coffee machine that makes single cups of coffee. I have an issue with the pods that get thrown away. Using your own coffee with your own re-usable coffee filter means less waste. You can also re-use many other things. Coffee tins and peanut butter jars make a great way to separate screws and nails.

2) Stop eating so much meat

Gasp, I know! Here's the thing animal agriculture is killing the planet. It takes so much water to feed these animals and then we pump them with hormones, so not only is the meat bad for us it's using up our water supply and energy. Also, fun fact, your farts won't smell as bad if you quit meat.

3) Waste less

Buy less things or buy things that will last. I used to buy clothing that I could easily throw away after one use. I stopped doing that. We also over buy food, then we throw it out once it goes bad. We are constantly buying and throwing things away and it ends up in a landfill and it sits there.

4) Buy the ugly food

So much of our food in grocery stores, is the pretty food. It's great, but what we don't see is the food that get's thrown out before we even see it. Think about it, our grocery stores are always filled for us, with pretty perfectly shaped food. We also don't buy less than perfect food, but why aren't we?! It's less expensive and tbh, in a recipe, you don't notice it.

5) Stop accepting coupons in the mail

I love coupons, but it's a huge waste. First of all, they are mostly for fast food restaurants. Secondly, if you stop taking them, at least then you're not contributing to it. Put a sign on your mail box or call Canada Post, they will stop sending flyers your way. Paperless is a great way to live.

6) Take a few hours out of your week to collect trash

It's incredible how much trash you can pick up in such a small area.

7) Unplug things

Find something that you don't use and unplug it. Vampire energy is a thing.

8) Stop taking store bags

I worked as a cashier, taking a bag is so stupid. I once tried to use bags that were less than perfect and someone rejected it because it wasn't flat. That's when I realized people are stupid over bags. Get yourself some reusable bags and leave them in the car or a closet and use them. There's no need to use plastic bags.

9) Stop sucking

You can't recycle plastic straws. Reusable straws are great.

10) Quit using tin foil

Most recyclers don't want to pay for tin foil, also, I never used tinfoil for anything other than keeping my pans clean. Silicone mats are amazing! They clean well and I haven't found anything that sticks to them yet.

11) Plastic wrap

I've always hated plastic wrap. I started using beeswax wraps and I find them to be really good at keeping things fresh. It's reusable and amazing.

12) Stop buying plastic water bottles

I understand in certain places where clean drinking water is hard to come by, plastic water bottles is necessary. However, in places that have clean drinking water, reusable water bottles are incredible way to save plastic.

13) Stop putting your produce in those plastic bags

Quite frankly, you shouldn't be buying more produce than you can handle, so in reality, the bags that keep produce fresh really isn't needed. If you're worried about germs, you really should be washing your produce from the grocery store, or use your own mesh bags.

14) Buy in a no waste manner

I just changed all my baking goods and soup making goods to jars so that when it's empty, I can go to bulk barn and fill them. It costs less and I don't have to waste the packaging.

15) Take your bike to work

It's really nice outside. Take your bike. Also, if it's raining, it's called a rain coat. A little rain doesn't hurt anyone.

16) Set your thermostat

I set my house to a cool 15 degrees when I am not here and a lovely 19 degrees when I am home. It's called slippers, I never have cold feet with them

17) Live minimally

You don't need a lot of stuff to be happy. Stuff doesn't mean you're happy.

18) Do activities that require little to no energy

Go for a walk, hike, or go to the beach. The outside is great, even if sometimes I joke it's not.

19) Learn about climate change

It's happening, stop pretending like it's not.

20) Travel greener

Fly economy, try teleconferencing, take longer trips to see more of the world and take more staycations.

21) Buy local

You're supporting local farms, local businesses, and you are helping lower how much we need to transport foods.

22) Wash your clothes in cold water and hang them to dry

It's a little bit more work, but it's so worth it.

23) Set your fridge to the necessary tempurature

Does it need to be super cold or just cold enough to keep your food fresh.

24) Don't use the drive through

Idle cars use so much waste and it's so bad for the planet to idle your car.

25) Print less

Do you need to print things or is reading it electronically just as fine? Trees are important, not paper.


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