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25 Beauty Tips you Need to Know Before 25

Inspired by a story I've heard recently, I think there's a lot about beauty that people don't know or just don't get. I'm here to help with that. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't need to look harsh or too soft.


1) Less is more

I used to cake it on out of fear that people would see my skin. I have terrible skin. It's genetic. Caking it on A) looks really bad, B) It's heavy on the face, and C) You're not a professional or close to it and we can tell it's too much.

2) Don't be afraid to take care of your skin

You're never too young to care about skincare. The more you care about your skin, the better your makeup looks. Start using serums, moisturize your eyes, and moisturize your skin.

3) Dead skin creates acne

Exfoliate, your skin will thank you.

4) Collagen sheet masks really plump your skin

5) Sucking out of a straw makes you age

It encourages wrinkles around your mouth.

6) Drink all the water

More water means hydrated skin and it looks so healthy when it's hydrated.

7) Sleep helps

Don't sleep when you are dead, sleep now. Sleep is so healthy for you.

8) What you eat shows up on your face

I quit dairy for a reason.

9) Your eye colour has colours it looks best in.

Look at the colour wheel, the opposite colour is what looks best on your eye, or shades similar too it. So when I wear shades that pick up orange hues, my blue eyes pop. They can also pop when I wear blue.

10) Remove your makeup before you wash your face

I know, duh, but the best way to cleanse your face is to remove the makeup with an oil cleanser and then cleanse it with a soap (or not) based cleanser. Not all cleansers are made equally, but you want to find a nice gentle one that works with the Ph of your face.

11) Stop touching your face

Your hands are gross

12) Your eyebrows don't need to be overdrawn

I love full eyebrows, but I've seen so many ladies who have these really bad eyebrows and I completely understand that some people don't have eyebrows, but that doesn't mean you need to have eyebrows that don't match your face shape.

13) Please stop using the foam applicator that comes with the eyeshadow

It's the worst brush you will ever use.

14) Lip liner can be worn on the lips

It's like a primer that matches your lipstick. You don't have to just line the lips.

15) Wash your brushes and sheets

Bacteria likes to sit everywhere.

16) Switch your makeup with the seasons

In the summer, I don't know about you, but a full face of makeup in the heat makes me feel gross.

17) Black eyeshadow is a great eyeliner in a pinch

Using a smudge brush, to get a smokey look, apply the black shadow like you would the eyeliner.

18) Heavy colours all over the eye, ages you

Dark colours tend to sink into the wrinkles around your eyes and makes you look old.

19) Makeup isn't a shield

Some people wear makeup to distract others, please stop. You are more amazing than your makeup.

20) Your hair is fragile, invest in a wet brush and leave in condittionner

You will notice how healthy it gets.

21) You can have too much dry shampoo

It sticks to your roots and it get's so itchy which isn't good for the root.

22) Your nails need to be left alone

I noticed a huge change in my nails when I maintained them like once a week. The more I picked at them, the more brittle they became. I stopped painting them all the time and just let them live.

23) The wrong hair colour will wash you out, which makes you look unhealthy

24) The wrong haircut will age you or youth you

If I have shoulder length hair I look more mature. When my hair is longer, I look younger.

25) You aren't using sunscreen

I am begging you to protect your skin this summer! Skin cancer is real and it is scary.


Thanks for reading,



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