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25 Things you Need to Let Go Before 25

Emotional Baggage. You've been carrying it around for a really long time and I'm here to tell you, you don't have too. You owe nothing to anyone and you certainly don't need to carry around someone else's monkey.

Here are 25 things you need to let go before turning 25.


1) The inability to change your life

Chiquitita it's your life, I'm not telling you how to run it, but if you feel like you're living under the burden of someone else or something, please let that go. Own your power, find what makes you happy, and go for it. You'll regret anything but changing whatever makes you un happy. Change means growth and it's good to change and to make yourself happy. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time, you should be happy with how you live your life.

2) The "I don't want to adult today" excuse

I'm not sorry, but at 25, you have no excuses to be a terrible adult. I hate when people are like "I don't want to adult", omg, get over it. You live in a society that picks up after themselves, so you have to as well. Get a job, support yourself, find fulfillment in growing up. I'm not saying move out of your parents house, maybe you have bad debt, but I am saying, stop letting them pay for everything. Stop expecting people to do stuff for you, and stop acting as if you don't know what is going on. You're no longer a young adult, you're in it now, so live the adult life.

3) Your ability to complain about everything

I don't care what the situation is, but complaining about it only brings negative energy to the world. Find a way to take your less but amazing situation and find the silver lining!

4) Bragging about being spoiled

You're not six and you didn't just get a pony for your birthday, so why use the hashtag #spoiled? It actually is a pet peeve of mine when people brag about having stuff and shoving it down our throats. Also while you're at it, stop using #jealous, because we aren't jealous, you just sound immature.

5) Old boyfriends or girlfriends

He wasn't the love of your life, he was probably boring or awful and at the end of the day, you are better off without him. You are better than wondering what an old flame is up to and/or going back to them. If you broke up, there was probably a reason. Don't be blinded by love.

6) Living in a dirty house

It doesn't need to be clean all the time, but house hygiene is important for your health.

7) The inability to feed yourself

I personally feel like once you move out, you should know how to cook, but at least by 25 learn how to cook.

8) Not taking care of yourself

Life is short, don't shorten it even more by treating your body like garbage. Move your body, eat well, drink water, and smile from time to time.

9) The inability to floss

Gum health is important. Flossing is good for you.

10) The inability to get your finances together

Open a savings account, save what you can, be aware of what you are spending, don't max out your credit card if you can't pay for it. If you need a side hustle, get a side hustle. I don't care, financial irresponsibility hurts us all.

11) Thinking you're not worthy

Chicken, you are so worthy. Don't let anyone make you think you aren't.

12) Thinking you're ugly

You are so beautiful. The fact that you doubt that is something you need to stop.

13) Thinking you aren't capable of doing hard things

I started my CPA when let's be real, accounting isn't the easiest thing for me, I've decided it wasn't for me, but I learnt that. There's so much more out there for me, I am going for it.

14) Stop eating your money

If you're having a hard time saving, check your bank account to see how many times you eat in restaurants. Then stop eating your money, grocery shopping can be fun.

15) The inability to laugh at yourself

Don't take yourself so seriously, if you mess up, laugh. If you think your own jokes are hilarious, laugh at them.

16) Thinking about the past

We don't have a time machine to go back and change things, we can only move forward.

17) Comparing yourself to others

This one is hard, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It might just be the lighting.

18) Taking your parents for granted

Mom's and dad's do a lot for you and taking them for granted at 25 is a crap thing to do.

19) Your inability to have hard conversations

If someone is upsetting you, you have to be able to have a conversation, even if it is difficult. ALSO, the door swings both ways, so if you've upset someone, you need to be able to take what the other person is saying and acknowledge that you have hurt them.

20) The inability to let go of fear running your life

Be fearless, go for gold, do what sets your soul on fire.

21) Old friends who weren't that great to you

We all have crappy friends who we defend all the time for their crappy behaviour and at 25, it's time to let go of the crappy feeling they leave you with.

22) The Victim mentality

The world is not out to get you, you are an adult, be accountable for yourself.

23) Being mean to other people

That negativity is just not necessary. For you or for them.

24) Your inability to do kind things for others

Buy anyone flowers for no reason, it will make their day, but the feeling it gives you is way better.

25) Your inability to be kind to yourself first and foremost

It's your life, if you can't be kind to yourself, you will forever live in a bad place. So be kind.


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