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25 Things I Love

What's up everyone?! Long time no chat, I was busy studying and it was killing my creativity. Then I realized, you're turning 25 on June 13th and you need to celebrate that; so what better way then to celebrate with a bunch of blog posts?!

I'm going to be sharing all of my knowledge that I've gained and just fun things that I want to celebrate. It's my birthday and I'll do what I want.


1) The Colour Pink

Pink flamingo's, pink roses, millennium pink. I love it all. It makes me so happy.

2) Knitting

I really like knitting for other people. Not so much myself, but knitting something for someone else brings me so much joy.

3) Home Sense

I really like decor and decorating my house. It's those little flourishes that really show someone's personality. It's also affordable.

4) Cheese-less Pizza

I made cheese-less pizza and guys, it was so good. Going dairy free became so much easier.

5) The Beach

Sand castles, beach accessories, relaxation, it doesn't get better than that.

6) Pineapple

I love pineapples so much, it's slightly an obsession. Juice, water, dole whip. Here is me at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, I'm living my best life.

7) Hot Yoga

I started a year ago pretty much full time, and I feel so much better as a person now. It's so good for you and it's allowed me to discover new interests.

8) Barre

It's like Pilates, but using a ballet barre and doing repetitive ballet motions. I love it and I am now certified to teach!

9) Going to the Gym

I know, "Sam, you like going to the gym now?!" yes everyone, I pay for a personal trainer once a week and she has changed the way I look at the gym, I am not afraid of it anymore.

10) Gardens

I've been making a vegetable garden for three years now and it gives me so much pride. It's so fulfilling and it's fun.

11) Hummus

There was this convenience store down the street from where I work, that made hummus and that changed my mind on hummus forever. That store is closed, but I still think of that hummus when I buy the store bought kind.

12) Reading

Books are the key to my happiness. TV, Netflix, and Youtube are great, but what's better is your imagination coming alive through a book.

13) Fashion

I may not dress very fashionably, but I certainly appreciate it in others. Hand crafted goods that are made with love are so much more appealing to me than fast fashion. Have you checked out Dee Silkie? Not only was she so incredible when I was interested, but she actually understood what I wanted in a pair of shorts! Check her out, she's one of those brands that just get's what I want out of my life.

14) Grey's Anatomy

I've watched all the series four times in four years.

15) Good Bedding

I love hotels beds, so that's why I appreciate soft sheets, duvet's, and fluffy pillows.

16) Greek and Italian Food

I need Italian food and Greek food like once a week to feel like myself.

17) Addias Superstar Sneakers

It's been my sneaker of choice for ten+ years.

18) Desserts

I love Paleo desserts, French desserts, and every kind of cake (but carrot is my ultimate favourite)

19) Weddings

There's nothing like seeing two people in love and celebrating that love.

20) Short Hair

Someone once said "You'll regret cutting your hair", please, I regret not cutting my hair. I am only myself when my hair is short and whatever colour I want.

21) Journaling my Feelings so Everyone Can Read Them

I really enjoy journaling my feelings on the internet. This is how I heal when people just don't want to talk and I feel so much better when I write about them. If my story can help just one other person dealing with hurt feelings from friends, bullying, etc; I am going to share. I can't hold in feelings when you weren't sensitive to them in the first place, I did it my whole life and holding it in, feels terrible.

22) Living from Love

Does it sound granola? Hope so, because I want to make sure I live from the purest place in my heart. It's honest, it's positive, and it's blunt. I don't hold in my feelings and if you mean the world to me, you know it. Putting positive energy in the world from a place of love means I will receive that back.

23) Skincare

I love taking care of my skin and so far, that means really gentle products, a lot of vitamin C, and quitting dairy.

24) Engagement

I love being engaged in my day to day life, I love it when others are as well. It's so fulfilling and it's so rewarding.

25) My Birthday

I love my birthday and since I am turning 25 this year, I will be blasting 25 things almost every day for the next 17 days. You're welcome.


Thanks for reading,



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