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Road Reveals: Home Office Tour

When I moved out a year ago, I really wanted an office/beauty room. It was important for me to have a separate space for sleeping. Unfortunately ever so often, my office looks like this.

Don't worry, I cleaned it.


I'm pretty sure you have all seen this desk. I got it at Costco, it's a really great desk, when it's clean. I have two calendars on my wall to keep myself on track, I also just love calendars and planning. I have pictures of my parents, an award I won in university, and a paper catch all. I keep a lot in this desk. The cubbies are filled with things like cellphone cases, pencils, stickers, and my old glasses (seriously, what do people do with old glasses) I have no idea where the chair is from I got it for christmas, to be honest, it's no longer comfortable, but I'm trying to not buy all new stuff all the time.

Next to my desk is my makeup storage, which has changed a lot! I got rid of so much stuff that I truly was not using. I gave it to the women's shelter, where I am sure they found a good home for it. I got the drawer system at IKEA and it's great!

In the top drawer, I keep all my eye shadows and small beauty samples I want to use.

In the second drawer, I keep highlighters, bronzers, blushes, and other random beauty things.

The third drawer has drastically changed, I now keep lipsticks in here and foil samples.

In the fourth drawer, I keep luxury samples, and my body butters.

The fifth drawer is for all things nails. It always looks like this.

On the top of the IKEA drawer system, I have my perfumes.

In the closet I have all my dresses and summer going out clothes, which I have so many of and never wear. I also have the heels I can't wear. On the top shelf, I have my camera and paperwork along with a stuffed animal I didn't know where to go.

Here is where I keep my day-to-day makeup and skincare.

These are my really dirty makeup brushes.

Finally on the top of the desk I keep my eye shadow palette and daily hair things.

That's pretty much my office and beauty room.

Thanks for reading,



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