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20 Reasons to Love Yoga

In May, I was feeling lonely, like my heart had just been used, and I needed connection with friends who truly loved me. So I reached out to one of my friends and asked if she wanted to go to yoga. I don't know about you guys, but making friends is hard especially when you have a full-time job and you're an introvert and people don't always get introverts. She had mentioned she was doing yoga for the months of June, July, and August. I thought that was such a wonderful idea. It was $220 for three months of unlimited yoga, but I made it work and I joined Moksha for three months. I haven't left. Not only was this summer of yoga so beneficial for my heart, I healed a lot of old wounds that summer. I was finally active in a way that I felt comfortable, the instructors were (still are) pure gems, and the environment was welcoming. I've made friends, people who have things in common with me, people who have these amazing souls that radiate love and trust. It's been so refreshing and has been this unblocking of self hate.

So since it's January and it's a month of well-being, I figured I'd share 20 reasons why yoga is so amazing.


1. You're getting active. It's a small way to bring in fitness in your life.

2. You set your own speed. It's not overly exerting, well it can be, but it's your practice, it's your body. Eventually, you will realize when your body wants more or less.

3. You get to know your body and how it moves. I found out I had a problem with my left knee through yoga and now I am treating it.

4. Stretching is good for you.

5. The yoga instructors are all special in their own ways.

6. Sometimes you will feel like a rockstar when you try something new.

7. You leave feeling energized.

8. Hot yoga detoxes your body. Sweat is good.

9. The room is quiet, no one talks to each other. Great for us introverts.

10. You have an excuse to buy yoga gear and actually use it.

11. You might cry in class and it will release whatever you were holding in. IT'S AMAZING.

12. You get to make friends. Talk to people, say hi, eventually all those Hi's will turn into something.

13. Visiting instructors teach you new things. They are always fun to spend time with in class.

14. Eventually, you will be less bloated. Sweat, drink a lot of water, repeat.

15. Your body changes, you will notice a new flexibility. Your core is stronger, your arms are stronger, there's muscles on your shins you didn't know existed.

16. Your mind slows down and you don't have to think about anything for an hour.

17. You get to heal your soul. It get's a chance to be at peace.

18. Yoga can be modified to all body types.

19. It's not a competition.

20. It will become apart of you that makes you feel happy.


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