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2017: Recap

I really don't know how to capture 2017. I know we like it when I am positive, me too, but if I'm being honest, 2017 wasn't my cup of tea. Normally, I like change, I think I was doing really well too, or at least I thought. Without going into too much detail, there was a lot of change in my life this year, a lot of change that was beneficial and a lot of change that brought out some big feelings. Big feelings that I didn't always know how to cope with.


In January, I started my first real job. Without going into too much detail because my professional life is separate from my blog. I love where I work, they have been so amazingly kind and I knew I would love working there, here's a picture of me with my first contract! Since then, I became a permanent employee and I've taken on so many new responsibilities, which I love because I learn every day and that is crucial to me.

In February, I moved out, which was really exciting. I could afford it, so I took the leap. I gained all this independence and since I had only lived with my parents, I faced a lot of growing pains, like paying bills and not seeing my family everyday. That was really hard, but I adjusted, I really enjoy living in close proximity to everything and I've learnt to really appreciate walking everywhere. Walking is so engrained in my routine, that I couldn't live without it. It's been so beneficial and I'm helping the planet in doing so. I've also enjoyed getting to make my own meals and grocery shopping (which I've always loved). It's also been super fun decorating my house. I love that I helped clean up this house and that I get to live here, it's perfect for me right now. I think I'll be doing a 1-year update in February.

It was already a hard winter, for reasons I rather not share because I was only a supporting character in the story and it's not mine to share. Some of you know what it was, but it scared me a lot and I couldn't imagine if it had been worse, it was truly a miracle and I am so grateful for everyones support throughout the winter months.

In April, right after the hard months of winter, my nana passed away. This was the first real death that I've had to face. At 23, the only important person in my life to pass away was my dog, so I had no idea how to deal with my emotions. My nana was a very special lady, who surmounted her own difficulties in life and ended up basically being a rockstar. Her courage and kindness will always be remembered.

In May, I went to Hawaii. Which was so amazing and so much fun! Honestly, I recommend all of you to go at some point in your lives. The flights can be long, I was stuck in the Vancouver airport for 12 hours, but it's so worth it. I made friends with people stuck in the airport with me, we found them again when we hiked a mountain, and then we has supper because when serendipity calls, you answer. Hawaii was so relaxing and there isn't anything a beach day can't fix. Oahu is amazing, it has an energy that is freeing, I felt so myself on this vacation.

Pineapple is my favourite.

In June it was my birthday. I was living on my own this time and it was a really interesting time discovering how I wanted to live. I am no longer afraid of the weird noises my 100-year old house makes. June was a fun month, like really fun, I started going to yoga every day (almost) and I truly discovered a passion for yoga. I traveled a little, visiting the Hopewell Rocks, stay-cations are amazing adventures. I planted a baby garden, which provided no veggies. I had my birthday and that was so much fun, I loved being surrounded by people who truly love me and I felt the love. It's still weird that I am 24, but I love it.

In July, we had more stay-cations, going to Campobello Island and St.Martins! I played my first 18-holes and on hole 17, I was on the green in two! Which is pretty cool since I only golf for fun. I got to meet my favourite little person, she's the sweetest little girl and her mom makes me to proud. Then I went to Old Orchard Beach, I love the beach. I made a unicorn cake and I went to a blow-up water park.

This is where I landed when I got on the green in two.

August was pretty quiet, stared the month off by visiting Tracadie. Did a lot of yoga and organized my makeup. Pretty chill month. Did more golfing, saw some tall ships, and for fun, here is a picture of Leo.

In September, we went to the cottage and Montréal. I knit my first real thing. Organized the celebration of courage. Learnt how to do a headstand. I did more yoga.

In October, I started off the month with Run for the Cure. I also participated in a yoga 30-day challenge, this is the month I hurt my knee. Which to me was devastating, because I couldn't do everything I wanted to do and I had to slow down. I kit a pussy hat. I knit a dog scarf. Most importantly, I finished my alpaca scarf which I had been working on for months. I made small pumpkins out of rice crispy treats. I got to attend Transition, which was the first time my blog got to cover an actual event. I dressed up as Taylor Swift for Halloween.

In November, I started knitting Christmas presents, I got bangs, and I got a bunch of stuff from Sephora. I also started my Christmas baking. I went to Saint John for a birthday and I started to go to yoga again.

December brought in some more change, which I did not react well too, but not because of the change itself, but because it opened up a can of worms I had been holding in. I also had a occurrence of knee pain, which left me unable to practice yoga for a few weeks. I finished knitting more presents, wrapped those presents, let myself go. Did cupping for the first time. Learnt that I will always have moments of growth that people have already lived through and can't really relate to anymore. IE, adulting is hard and I've learnt a lot about it in 2017. I also made a Buche de Noel, it took three days.


2017 was a year filled with change. I've had to do a lot of new things which I've never done before. I've had to be a real adult in situations I've never seen before. Which I understand is the premise of being an adult, but living it for the first time can be tough. I can't say I've loved 2017. It brought a lot of joys, a lot of sadness, anger, disgust, and fear. I'm a living version of Inside Out from Pixar. Which is a part of maturing and figuring it all out. Learning to live with sadness and anger in a positive way has been interesting. Accepting those feelings and emotions has been a huge stepping stone for me. Rather than trying to push joy in all the time, I accept my moments of sadness, I let them live and I move on. Sometimes, I've still working on it.

2017, was a year of change, big feelings, and a lot of growth. Maybe 2018 will be as eventful and maybe it won't, but I'm okay moving past 2017.

Thanks for reading,



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