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DIY: White Christmas Tree

Fake Christmas tree's are expensive. So when my parents offered me their old Christmas tree, I was like "yes, thank you". Here's the catch, the tree had old lights strung on it and the lights didn't work. Also, the tree was in rough shape since it's been in a box for ten+ years.

Here's what it looked like:

I decided to flock it, which means adding fake snow to it. If you've ever flocked a Christmas tree, you would know it's super messy. Essentially, you spray the tree with water, add this white fluff and then spray it with more water. It looks like fake snow and it's too much effort for me.

So I decided to spray paint it.

I used a white satin spray paint, but first I had to remove the lights, which was a pain.

I used one can of pain, in retrospect, I probably should have used two for a more white tree.

Also, spray from the top down because that is how snow falls.

This was the final effects.

I love this tree now and it looks so much better than it has in years.

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