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Holiday House Tour

Hello everyone,

Decorating is my thing, but I started from scratch when it came to decorating my house for Christmas. Since decorations can cost a lot of money if you don't budget and if you don't pace yourself, I didn't really allow myself to buy the rose gold deer. I also had to limit how many strings of lights I bought because those are weirdly expensive. Anyways, I went with a rose gold theme, with hints of blue and silver, for the inside. On the outside I wanted a candy cane theme, which I more or less achieved for this year.


Let's start with the tree. It's not real, I actually can't have a real christmas tree in my rental house. Which is fine, but it did meant I would have to buy my own christmas tree. Those are expensive and my parents had an old one in the garage so I took that one and fixed it a little (blog post coming soon). Anyways, as you can see, I went with a simple pink and blue theme and added snowflakes to fill in the empty spots. On top of that, I also took some branches and spray painted them rose gold to add into the tree as an accent. I only bought two set of lights for this tree and draped them on the front. The tree topper lights up, but I didn't put batteries in it yet.

Then I decorated my banister with a strand of green tree-like material and topped it with blue lights. I also added more snowflakes and the rose gold branches to tie in the tree.

Then I just have holiday flourishes throughout to add a little festive fun.

My outside decorations are super simple. I have red and white lights wrapped around the stairs, my mom made me some door swag with branches, and I have the same red and white lights in my window. My goal is that next year I can do all the front facing windows with red and white lights.


Thanks for reading,



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