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Road Reviews: Transition Gift Bags

Remember last week when I wrote about my experience at Transition? It was fabulous, I wish you all could have been there. Well, I got a gift bag and I did a comprehensive use of everything in the bag to give you my honest opinion about what I got. You know me, I love free things, but I'll still be honest about them.

Before I start though, I have to say thank you to Dee for inviting me and for organizing such a great event. I also want to thank her for coordinating a gift bag for the bloggers. The treats inside were so wonderful and created a great smell in my living room. I really enjoyed getting to try new products.


The first things I got were this lovely little bundle of Arbonne products. Now, I've never tried Arbonne before this week and I've always been curious about it, but when you can't swatch something or smell it, I tend to stay away.I will say though, I was super impressed when I found out that Arbonne was vegan, it's a nice option for people who only want to use vegan products. I'll start with the tea and work clockwise. Oh but before I do, if you would like to try any Arbonne products, please contact Sara Calhoun, she's phenomenal.

The tea was really delicious, I made it when I was cleaning my house and it was really refreshing. I believe it was the Cranberry Fusion tea.

The RE9 Advanced skin Care Line really intrigued me because it follows a close resemblance to the 10-step skin care regime. I wasn't in love with the cleanser, but I really liked the toner, the eye cream, and the night cream. I used it this morning and my face feels pretty good. It came with a sampler of: Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Intensive Renewal Serum, Corrective Eye Cream, Night Repair Cream, and Restorative Day Cream.

The Liquid lipstick/gloss is eek, not my favourite. I hate gloss though, so for me, I was not a fan. I did however like the formulation of the liquid lipstick. The pigment, the lasting wear, and the matte finish were excellent! This shade is in: Azalea (liquid lipstick) and snapdragon (gloss).

The pure essential oil was such a nice surprise because essential oils can be pricey. This is the lavender scent and I love lavender to put on the bottom of my feet when I can't sleep or to place on my yoga towel to have a super relaxing class.

The Shea Butter hand cream in verbena mint smells so good! It also dried on my hands without staying sticky for long which is a win in my books. With all the knitting I've been doing of late, I keep this in my living room for when my hands get scaly.

I got a luxury bath bomb from Siren in French Vanilla, which I was really excited about, and I really hate saying this, but I didn't like this bath bomb. I put the bath bomb in the water and it fizzed up, but I didn't smell anything even when I opened the packaging I couldn't smell vanilla. I got in the bath expecting more oil/moisture, but after reading the ingredients, I realized why I didn't get that feeling. It has Kaolin, which cleanses and exfoliates and Rhassoul clay, which absorbs dirt and oil without drying the skin. Not a lot of moisture, which is fine. I did go look on the Facebook group and it looks like there are a lot more for me to try, which I will because I love bath bombs and I really like how the company uses ingredients I can read and their vibes/ marketing.

The next thing I received was an organic body scrub from Koffee Organics. Holy banana's does this stuff ever smell good, coffee and vanilla is what I am picking up. It's from Moncton and I loved this on my body. Didn't love the mess in my tub afterwards, so I understand why they say "use it in the shower", but even as I was whipping it from the tub, I could feel the bits of shea butter left behind. I love that it's not made of a cream with beads in it, or a cream with bits that exfoliate, but you're not quite sure what it is. This left my arms feeling so good.

Then I got a handmade soap which if you know me, I had to stop buying them because I had such a big collection of. This is from rustik soap co. made in Fredericton and you guys, I need this in a candle so I can burn the smell at all times! I had it laying out in the living room and no joke my house smelt so good. This one has notes of patchouli, lavender, and peppermint. I will find the candy cane one and I will be back for more, this was amazing! Also, it was really nice on my skin and it didn't dry it out. Also, it's vegan (where is the heart eye emoji when you need it)!

Then I got a T-Shirt from East Coast Lifestyle, which is really cool because I've never had anything from East Coast and I love how soft it is. I got the New Brunswick Tartan and I'm in love with how they used tartan in a fashion. Tartans are super cool and now I have a little piece of home to wear.

Finally, I got two free hours of pool at Dooly's. I have no idea how to play pool, but it could be fun to learn.


All in all, I really liked this gift bag, it was so much fun to test out and now I'm going to have a new soap collection. I'm also going to learn how to play pool.

Thanks for reading,



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