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Fashion for a Cause: Transition

I love many things in life, but when you can include two of my favourite things together, I am in heaven. This past weekend, I got to attend Transition, a fashion show to raise money for Women in Transition Housing. It showcased ten different designers from New Brunswick and I was honestly so blown away with everything I saw. I can't describe how talented these designers are. The event was held at the Picaroons Roundhouse, which I have been to before for other events, but the amount of the space impresses me every time. What was really beautiful and tasteful was the space design by Chantilly Lace Designs, they used gold chiavari chairs, need I say more? It was also the official launch of the Created Here Fashion Issue, which is really well written and features some great local talent.

The most important reason thought that we were all brought together, was the Women in Transition House, which is open seven days a week for women and children seeking a safe shelter. As fun as the fashion is, the cause is better and is why I wanted to attend Transition.

In case you or someone you know needs a listening ear, they have a 24 hour crisis hotline: 1-506-459-2300.


So I arrived at the Picaroons Roundhouse, after what felt like a mad dash to get there. Does anyone else change four times before showing up to an event? I normally don't, but I just couldn't settle on an outfit. I ended up going with a royal blue romper with black tights and black ballet flats. Then I connected with some really fantastic local bloggers.

What's fun about events like these is that it brings local bloggers together and that is truly so incredible.

I had a Scow Cider, it was really tasty, but normally if I have Picaroons, I love the Irish Red.


Dee Silkie really has outdone herself with this event. Some of my favourite designers shown was TUCY designs, the models were fantastic, really, I don't know if they were directed to have this Boss Babe attitude, but I loved the savageness of their walk. It was fierce.

Then there was a jacket. A jacket so fabulous, I want to frame it and look at it as a piece of art. It's designed by Michelle Duncan. I spent the entire night talking about this jacket and how in love I was with it.

Alexandra Keely was also a designer at Transition and the talent that this girl has will take her so far. I was so impressed that her pieces that are made of felt are so well made most of them aren't even sewn together. They were gorgeous.

Finally, I was also so so so impressed with Dee Silkies work, her silks are stunning. The use of colour is impeccable, the silks flowed, and the models were good. I was very pleased with Alexandra Van Rijn, who posed so well and really allowed us to enjoy the silks up close.

This event was all around fabulous. I had a great time and I am so proud of Dee Silkie. Also, if you want to see what was in my goodie bag, stay tuned.

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