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Road Reviews: Smashbox's Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow + Highlighter Palette Set

I love nothing more than walking into Shoppers Drug Mart and finding a really good deal. So on Thanksgiving, I was a little bored and decided to go see what I could find. There were holiday sets out and I found the one that's so well valued.

I found the Drawn In. Decked Out. Shadow + Highlighter Palette Set from Smashbox and I am so impressed with the eyeshadow quality and how much value is in this set. You get One travel sized Spotlight palette in pearl, one full-sized Cover Shot eye shadow palette in Ablaze, and one full-sized Cover Shot eye shadow palette in Sultry. This palette retails at $48+tax. Just to put some perspective here, the regular full-sized Cover Shot eye shadow palette retails at $35+tax. Amazing value!

I did notice that the Sultry palette is not sold online with the other palettes and it wasn't sold in store either on it's own. So I am assuming it is limited edition.


Ablaze Palette, includes eight shades that are all so incredibly pigmented, blendable, and soft.

From top to bottom: Relaxed, Moccasin, Siesta, Nirvana, Delirious, Torch, Throwback, Dark Horse.

Sultry has these amazing plum shades and are super glamorous. They are also very blendable and the colour pigment is so fantastic.

From top to bottom: Bliss, Glitz, Hang, Platinum, Stone, Bordeaux, Black Currant, Dark Cocoa.

Although this is described as "travel-size", it's actually filled with a lot of product. The colours are pigmented, soft, and one of them is even a bit more glittery for those holiday parties.

From top to bottom: Turn it on pearl Crank it up pearl, Blow a Fuse pearl.


I'm so impressed with the colour choice, price, and pigmentation.

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