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Montréal Haul

I went to Montréal for the long weekend! I did a lot of shopping. Some would say too much.

It was a lot of fun. I never go and find things I like so this trip was great. I also got to visit family and visit the cottage which is a very special place to me. I only really get to go for a day every two years so I really appreciated getting the chance to go.


Anyways, we started Friday morning off at Ikea. Anyone who has been at my house will know a majority of it is from Ikea.

I needed a new shelf for the front entrance for shoe management. I was going to get a different shelving unit, but this one really spoke to me. It's made out of metal so it's a long lasting piece. It's called the FJÄLLBO and it retails at $69. I also got the DRÖNA boxes because they were the cheapest and made out of fabric so they were perfect for shoes, they retail at $6.99.

Then I headed to the marketplace, which is where I found everything else I got. The teapot was $6.99 and is called the RIKLIG teapot, it's perfect for single servings of tea. That jar was $3.99 and I'm going to store my quinoa in it, it's called the KORKEN. I got the KONICS Balloon whisk for $5.99. The spatula, which I just learnt is a wok turner is called IKEA 365+ HJÄLTE and retails at $5.99.

I also got some fake plants. Mostly because I can't keep them alive and I've got some wonky lighting in certain areas of the house. I got these three plants called FEJKA for $4.99, perfect for the pots I had gotten over a year ago which served no purpose.

I got this fake fiddle leaf tree for $64.99 it's also called FEJKA. I've been looking for one of these for almost a year.


Then I went to a Sears outlet which was closing. First of all, I love the Sears outlet in St-Eustache, so I am a little sad it's closing. Anyways, I went and there was a lot on sale, but a lot of stuff that was picked over. I got two sweater and some face cloths that I am going to make cold cloths from.


Then we made our way to Carrefour Laval. Where we went to the LuluLemon. My sister was getting a new pair and I was just browsing when I found a short sleeve running top, but I won't be using it for that. It was on sale, so I couldn't find it on the website, but here is the long sleeve version. I also got a new headband because I needed a new one. (I used the headband in yoga today and it worked really well)

Then I went to Sephora. I needed and eye shadow base because my eyelids are super oily all of a sudden. I got the Anastasia Pro Pencil in Base 2. I also got the Anastasia Modern Renaissance pallet and the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Then when I thought I was done shopping, I went to Dynamite, where I had an experience like to other. A PAIR OF JEANS FIT ME. Honestly, I had a moment in the dressing room to thank the "sisterhood of the traveling pants" gods. Now I can get rid of the ripped jeans I bought in 10th grade (which still fit) but needs to go since the cut is out of date.

Finally on Sunday on the way back from the cottage, we stopped at Hudson's Bay where I was looking for flats. I found a pair from Karl Lagerfeld which are so comfortable. I got them for $50! I couldn't find them online though to share with you.


That's all. Thanks for reading,



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