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Road Travels: Maine

Isn't it fun to just leave for the weekend? That's what we did mid-july to break the summer up a little. I went with my family we stopped at a lot of places. Also, it wasn't a shopping trip, but we just made a few stop near the end to check out the sales see if anything caught our eyes.


First we went to Old Orchard Beach, where I read a book, walked the ocean floor, and took a nap. Really just a super chill trip to the beach.

Then we headed down to Kennebunkport Maine to find Pink Tangerine a little boutique that sells Lilly Pulitzer. First of all Lilly Pulitzer makes amazing clothing that is brightly coloured and all the patterns are hand painted then put on fabric. It's beautiful and they don't ship to Canada, so I made the trip to get a popover.

Then because we were 30-minutes away, we went to Kittery. I found nothing at the Lululemon outlet, but I did find sneakers at Reebok and that was fun.


We stayed the night in Portland and headed towards home the next day.

On our way home we stopped in Freeport to visit the L.L. Bean flagship stores, but mostly to get a Frosty donut.


That was basically my weekend. Quick little trip and it was very fun.

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