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Why I Write

I have really been sitting with my thoughts and letting them process in my mind. I've also just been enjoying my summer and going as much yoga as possible. I've been eating well and truly taking care of myself. Which got me thinking as to why I blog about myself. The answer is simple. I am being authentic and I like sharing. I don't want to lie to myself. I want to be as honest as possible. Sometimes my honesty isn't agreed with, but this is my truth and that is my power. As the name of the blog eludes, SamanthaRoad is a journey and it is my journey and this is my life that I am choosing to share. I've found that sharing has helped me heal immensely and it's also allowed me to live creatively.

This blog is a place where I heal, where I write about moments in my life. All of my thoughts, all of my feelings, write so well and I feel so much better after letting things out. I also blog about fun things like makeup and recipes, but having a safe space to express myself is important.

Taylor Swift said during her concerts that she likes to write about things that are romantic and magical and that there are so many things that are romantic and magical. I write because I want to sooth my soul because I remember everything and I need to let that out. I've journaled, but that just wasn't effective because I wanted to truly be creative. Being creative and letting go of emotions is healthy for me and allows me to be happy.

People who don't have that deep creativity won't necessarily understand why anyone would blog about their lives. That's so okay. However, if I take the time to respect your decisions, I only ask for that respect in return. I choose to share, heal, and be creative. That's why I write.

As always, thanks for reading.



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