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Road Travels: New Brunswick

Here's something I've learnt. It's super possible to visit all of New Brunswick in a summer, but if you're making day trips and had a packed summer like I did, you can't scratch everything off of your list. Also, the weather is a huge deterrent when planning things. So let's not dwell on what I couldn't accomplish, but what I could and that was to visit the most incredible Province in Canada (I'm not biased at all)

Okay, so in June, we went to the Hopewell Rocks. It's hard to describe the natural beauty of the Hopewell Rocks. It's one of those places you need to see in person. It's also pretty synonymous with New Brunswick. So it was a must see on my list!

I hadn't been in so long and honestly the drive down, the cold beach breeze was all I needed. Hopewell rocks is 30 minutes from Alma and so my sister and I decided to go for lunch. Again, that side of the Province is so peaceful and so relaxing. Alma is also right outside of Fundy Park which still had the playground I played on as a kid and that was really nice to see.


In July on the long weekend, we were supposed to go to Maine (Another Road travels coming to you soon) but since it was Canada day we decided to visit Campobello Island. Holy fog! It was so so foggy and we didn't really know what to expect when we got there. I wanted to visit the Roosevelt Cottage and that was about it. We explored the island and it's truly such an charming island at the southern point of NB.

We went through the United States to get there and believe it or not, there were a lot of Americans visiting, which I for some reason did not expect. Also, me and my family were the only people there who knew the bilingual version of Oh Canada! So I'm now in a lot of home videos for my ability to remember the national anthem. So we had Canada Day cake and visited the Cottages on the property as well as the little museum.

Then we had lunch in a log cabin and it was really nice to discover a new area in New Brunswick. We did not see the light house, it was a little foggy and we were hungry.


The next day, my sister and I drove down to Saint John to pick up a friend and head towards St. Martins. It's actually really close-ish to where I grew up and I had no idea. Have you ever been in a cave attached to the water? I had not and I was so amazed with this little village.


August was a little quiet, I visited Tracadie, which is in the Northern part of the province and is absolutely beautiful. We went to the Dairy Bar and we went to Val-Comeau. I built a sandcastle. I ate ice cream.

I visited my family and basically just relaxed.


Then I went to Saint John to visit the Tall Ships which was really cool! I am from the SJ area and so I absolutely loved the fog and how my soul was so calm and happy.

Oh Saint John, I love it!


So what else have I been doing this summer? Well, I've been:



Golfing... This was where my ball landed on swing #2 on one of the hardest holes at Mactaquac.


Doing yoga. A lot of it.

Basically, living life. Enjoying every second of it.

Thanks for reading,



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