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Living Authentically

Here's something I didn't realize I was doing. People pleaser I am, life journey I am on. Living my best life was becoming increasingly more difficult. When university ended, I didn't really have much of a plan. Go to Cuba, find a job and save my money. Living the dream right? To be honest, I felt really lost without my day-to-day schedule and I just felt alone. I spent the first three weeks of summer planting a garden and blogging about makeup and things I thought people would like. People don't like plants as much as I do.

Then I joined Beachbody and that filled my time for about six months, but I truly did not feel happy being a Beachbody coach. Did it change my perspective on health and did it get me working out again? Yes, I needed it. At the time I was in my life, I needed a little structure for self-care. I had no idea how to do self-care. Turns out, I needed a huge kick in the pants. I needed a quiet summer.

As most contracts do, they end and in October I found myself living with my parents and on my employment insurance. October was okay. Unemployment isn't great, it's boring, it's painful. November was the worst. I was alone most of the time and I really didn't know what I would be doing or where I would be going. December was much better, I bonded with my mum, I blogged the hell out of Christmas, and I found a job. I thought the transition years were over.

Here's something I learnt, transition years are continual. I thought it would end eventually. It doesn't I just got better at deflecting the impact it had on me. That's life. Positivity has had a huge impact on my thoughts. I had a rough winter, a tough spring, and so far my summer has been a little rocky, but mostly calm. I'll refrain to just saying that. Transition, change, those are impending. I am the re-calculating car commercial before the movies. I re-calculate all the time.

Here's another thing I learnt. Life is short. Life is good. Change is impactful. I've been glowing since I realized that. I want to be creative, I want to write about things that make me happy and that fill me up. I want to write about my feelings in a creative way, in which people understand I am healing and respect my creativity. I want to feel gratitude every morning and every hour of the day. I want to smell the roses and smile randomly because it feels good. I want to go to yoga five times a week and breath throughout the entire class. I want to clean my house and knit because it feels awesome to live in a clean house and make myself a scarf. I want to live everyday with love and live it with joy.

Living authentically. Hi, I am Samantha. I am your biggest fan.

Thanks for reading. New content coming to you this fall.



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