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Collective Home Haul

Okay everyone, I have done some serious house shopping in the last little bit. So much so that I thought you would enjoy seeing what I bought! I'm going to go and say that 95% of all of these things came from HomeSense (I love HomeSense) Since it's collective, some of these items were bought a while ago, but most of them are newer.


The first thing I got was a new chair for my vanity. It was love at first sight and reminds me of a chair you would find at a ballet studio. I really love the beachy finish it has and it works so well in the space. I picked this chair up at HomeSense for $99.

The next thing I got was this tray for the kitchen. I was looking for a way to cluster counter items because I absolutely hate cluttered counters, so when I saw a picture similar to this one on Pinterest, I went on a hunt. It's such a perfect size and holds all the main items I use on a day-to-day basis. I picked this tray up at Homesense for $14.99.

Also in the kitchen, another tray, but this one has a flamingo theme to it, I got this for my birthday from my family. I recently got this apothecary jar, I really wanted to have jars as a decoration in the corner of the kitchen, which is a dead zone, but perfect for decorations. I picked the jar up at HomeSense for $13.

I got this tray when I decided it was time to revamp the living room. Those tables were a really bad orange shade. It's perfect for a table book and candles. I've not centred it on the table because I wanted that asymmetrical look. I got this at HomeSense for $19.

So I'm pretty sure this lantern is for outdoor reasons, but I loved it as a table decoration. It matches the living room so well and is so simple in design. I got this at HomeSense and I can't remember for how much but something tells me $15.

I got this basket to store all my workout equipment that normally just hangs around the living room. I also got this at HomeSense for $13.

I got slipcovers for my couches and slipcovers normally mean that there are weird corners that need to be covered, what is better than pillows?! Nothing, throw pillows are amazing. The largest pillow at the end is from HomeSense, I got it for $19. The light blue one I got for $16 at HomeSense and the watercolour pillow if from Wayfair and I paid $45 for it.

Again, to cover the slipcover corners, I got this pillow as a gift and it's the most incredible watercolour flowers. This pillow is from HomeSense.

I got this pillow cover from Chapters and I waited so long for it to be on sale, I just love the messaging on the pillow and it is so well crafted. I paid $17 for the cover.

I recently got this blanket as a gift from a few really good friends who know me too well. They didn't even know my living room colours were light blue, pink, rose gold, and cream! It's so soft and so perfect. I'm pretty sure it's from HomeSense.

The painting on the walls are all items I've been collecting for years. The large pink painting I got from HomeSense for $40, it used to be in my office, but was too perfect in the living room. The picture next to it was from a poster sale in university, I just love the woman in the picture and her ballerina skirt. The small square frame is from the Christmas Tree Shop and I got it for $10. The watercolour painting next to it is one of my creations. The poppy painting next to that is a painting I picked up at Winners for $30.

Here is the whole living room when it's been freshly cleaned. I really wanted the space to feel cozy, but also clean and fresh. It's so important to feel comfortable in the space you live and I am so happy with the way the space turned out.

Hope you enjoyed the haul!

Thanks for reading,



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