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Dry Shampoo Battle

Welcome Welcome Welcome! Today we have five competitors that I have been testing for months, to find the best powdered dry shampoo!

Oh dry shampoo! Ever since TRESemeé came out with their dry shampoo, I've been quite interested in not washing my hair. That was about ten years ago and since then I've spent a lot of money on dry shampoo every month. The lifespan of a can of dry shampoo is very short and quite frankly it doesn't leave my hair feeling great, especially my scalp, also, I really hate what the aerosol can does to the environment. So after a few years of using a dry shampoo that comes in a can, I decided to switch to a powdered dry shampoo. I'm never going back. Not only does a bottle of powdered dry shampoo last on average six months (for me), once it's done, I can rinse out the bottle and recycle it.

But not every dry shampoo is made the same and having a very sensitive scalp, I've realized that. The can, if you've realized, leaves this hairspray quality in the hair that you can't really brush through and dries out the scalp. It has a lot of ingredients that aren't made to add anything to the hair and quite frankly, life is too short for bad dry shampoo. Powdered dry shampoo, although still filled with many ingredients, doesn't dry the scalp, it absorbs the grease and leaves your hair feeling refreshed for the day. Also, powdered dry shampoos add a lot of volume without being drying.

Okay, I've expressed my love of powdered dry shampoo, so now, let's get to comparing them.







Cost Breakdown:

- Bumble and Bumble: $31/2oz = $15.5 per 1oz

- Johnson's: $2.5/4oz = $0.625 per 1oz

- Cake Beauty: $18/1.7oz = $10.60 per 1oz

- Aveda: $39/2oz = $19.5 per 1oz

- Lush: $15.95/4.6oz = $3.47 per 1oz


Who's the winner? You choose, it's your hair, but I wanted you to know the facts before you buy.

Thanks for reading,



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