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Being Single and Why It's Amazing

So let me first start off by saying that this is not in any way shape or form a post to diss people who are in happy loving relationships. You guys are great, keep doing your thing.

January is the month that brings both heart shaped chocolate and egg shaped chocolate to its shelves reminding me once again that St.Valentines day is right around the corner. I don't love Valentines day, not because I am single, not because it's a commercialized holiday, and not because people go a little crazy buying gifts for each other. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It's just not a day I feel anything toward. It's another day and it's another day for a lot of people. I mean I really do prefer egg shaped chocolate.

Anyways, St.Valentines day is always a reminder that I am single, not that I forget any of the other days of the year, but regardless, you will be reminded you won't be getting that mini pink plush dog from Shoppers Drug Mart on February 14th... Unless you buy one for yourself. Personally, I like being single, I really recommend trying it. In fact, it's so amazing, I've made a list as to why it's amazing. This will be the first instalment of #FallinLoveFebruary ... yeah, I'm going to dedicate an entire month of this blog to falling in love with yourself and you cannot fall in love with yourself until you accept that you are single and nobody wants to be in a relationship with you right now... and that's okay!

You don't need a guy/girl to make you happy, you can make yourself happy and that's so important to know. Relationships don't work if you don't love yourself first, then they don't work if you get bored, then they really don't work if one of you is lying all the time. At that point, you probably shouldn't be dating/in a relationship. So try being single, really enjoy it because one day, you will not have tried it and you may have missed out on something amazing, like discovering yourself.


Why being single is amazing:

1) Alone time.

Learning to be alone doesn't equate to being lonely. It equates to learning to love your own company. Who knows, maybe you like to cook, or knit, or you like to workout a lot. Maybe you're hilarious and you didn't know it.

2) You can order whatever you want on your pizza.

I like cheese pizza, nobody ever gets just cheese pizza, which makes no sense to me. I always feel like I need to get what the other person wants and that never includes just cheese... or Hawaiian.

3) You are a no-drama zone.

You don't fight with yourself, you don't question your actions, you just do you. Complicated you are not, you just go with the flow and that's perfect.

4) You can make out with whomever you want, however many times you want.

Like I don't recommend kissing a bunch of people in one night because of mouth diseases, but you do you, don't feel bad.

5) Your schedule is yours!

You do what you want when you want. You don't need to account for another person when making decisions. Go on a trip, don't go on a trip, do whatever.

6) You can focus on your goals.

You can move up the career ladder, you can lose the weight, you can start a blog, travel the world, you can focus on things you want to do without someone asking you "why do you want to do that".

7) You can date. You can have crushes that mean nothing. You can flirt.

First dates are awesome, or awkward, or boring, but either way, you're meeting new people. You can have crushes on people and slightly obsess over them and it doesn't mean anything! It's just fun to think of the possibilities without having to do anything about it.

8) You learn to be independent.

I love my independence, I love that I can fend for myself without depending on another person. It's cool that I can change a tire, or bake a pie, or build my own Ikea furniture. Its fun to just depend on myself.

9) You get to build meaningful relationships with your family and friends.

Life chats are great, getting to know other people is great, knowing you have a special bond with someone is great.

10) You can try new things.

I get a new haircut every few months to keep it fresh for myself. I try new hobbies. I get creative and paint. I just do whatever I want really.

Thanks for reading,



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