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Being in a Relationship and Why It's Amazing

I am not in a relationship, obviously, but I didn't want to write a blog post about being single and then not writing one about being in a relationship. They are equally important for people at different stages in their lives. Also, people in relationships have something special and I wanted to make sure they got some love for Valentines day.

Anyways, since I am not in a relationship, I asked my friends who are because they have way more knowledge about it than I.


1) Having someone to share your day with.

The good parts & the bad parts and everything in between.

2) Less stress & decision making.

No deciding if you want to date a certain person or stressing out about whether you're on the same page - you know you are because you're committed to each other.

3) Getting to do sweet things for each other, like drop off coffee or buy their favourite food.

4) Two hands make lighter work.

There's always a division of chores and tasks because there are two of you.

5) You get to learn to love someone else.

6) You always have someone to do activities with.

Wanna take a cooking class? Wanna go to the movies? You have someone.

7) Inside Jokes.

8) You grow together.

9) You don't have to date anyone else!

Yay, no crappy people to deal with. Or any drunk people trying to dance with you at the bars.

10) You get a best friend with a trusting bond.

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