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Moving Out

If you couldn't tell, I moved out. It's still weird to type. So in normal Sam fashion, I figured I'd tell you all about it.

It all started when I got a job. Basically, I lived at home all through university because it was way more fiscally responsible to do. So when I graduated and was still looking for work, I stayed at home because I certainly could not afford any sort of rent. I got a job and moved out. Finally at the age of 23 I moved out for the first time. It's very strange and exciting all at the same time.

I moved into a 1930's house with three floors and the oldest basement around. I have a roommate, but for privacy sake, I'll leave it at that. It's a stunning house with a lot of charm and nothing is straight; which is okay because I love this house. I'm still learning to live with walking to work. It's pretty cold during the winter so I can't say I've enjoyed any walks so far, also, theres a new snow storm every week and the side walks are never cleaned.

So basically the move was anything but organized or calm. Which I should have expected, but I being the optimist never imagined how anxious I would feel. I hate boxes and mess. Two things that are included with moving. I had slowly moved all my things during the prior week because moving everything in one day can be a lot. I was planning on staying one more night at my parents house, but all my things were at my house, so I brought all my bedding over and stayed the night. I slept really well.

That same night, I started to organize my closet. I had built shelves for the closet and bought this hanging bar because it's a rental, I don't want to make huge holes in the wall. The next day, I hung out at my parents home and then that night I came home to deal with my office... which I really didn't work on all that much because I vacuumed and washed the floors. On Monday however, I really focused on the office and nesting. I nested so much! I mean I cleaned everything, I organized, and I made my house feel like home for me. I hung a few things on walls, I used a stud finder, I really went to town on everything I could do.

Here is the finished office:

As you can tell there's a pink, blue, and flamingo theme starting. I got two smaller rooms, but I wanted the smaller rooms because I wanted an office for the blog, I wanted to separate my technology from where I sleep.

My room, is basically done, but I haven't hung any real art work because I wanted to get these posters I have put on a wood backing to make them look a little bit more legitimate.

Here's what I have so far:

Ignore the laundry I have to put away. My room faces a street light so after a week of being awoken by light, I finally got curtains (which were really hard to instal because the house is old) Anyways, it's almost done, I wanted to add more to it, but I'm going to live in it for a while before I do anything.

One of my biggest challenges with the room was storage and I knew it was going to be, so I bought a storage bed from Ikea and although that was an interesting process, I got it made and it's quite comfortable.

The bathroom also had a lack of storage because of the age of the house. I guess people just didn't keep a lot of stuff in the 1930's. So we got an over the toilet shelf, and storage for the inside of the sink cabinet and so far, everything seems to be working out nicely for the bathroom.

Here's the bathroom:

I'm in love with the counter. Also, meet Barry my prayer plant.

So far the move is going really well, I am just trying to adjust to all this change. Don't worry, it's all good change that is just part of the natural progression in life. It's interesting to be this independent , I really love it. It'll be interesting to see how the next few months pan out.

Oh and I'll keep you posted about the rest of the house, we're just waiting for the couch to arrive. Only seven weeks left!

I really have to thank everyone who helped with the move and to my family who have been so supportive and incredible. I know it's an emotional adjustment, but we will get used to it.

Thanks for reading,



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