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Holiday Nail Art

Okay guys, you're looking at this going: "I can't do that, I don't have a steady hand. I'm not good at painting. I couldn't possibly manage this". YOU CAN! Fun fact: I don't have a steady hand, I'm okay at painting, but really, I'm just really good at copying a picture.

Here are some ways to do this and keep your cool: - Keep your finger on the edge of the table and the wrist/hand holding the brush lays on the edge of the table. This will steady your hands.

- Use a little paint at first, then build up. To clean your brushes, just dip them in a little nail polish remover.

- If it looks bad and you aren't happy, remove that design with nail polish remover and start over.

- Don't do this if you're in a rush, this is a patience game, you cannot rush through this.

- If you only have the patience to do one, make it an accent nail and paint all your other nails in according colours and say you did it on purpose, no one will know.

- Finally, don't use your expensive nail colours, get the cheap stuff, you'll be wasting a lot of it.

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