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Eating at a Christmas Party

Eating during the holidays can be an emotional experience. Tables covered in food, alcohol is almost always involved and sure, it can be a lot of fun. At the age I am, I notice that we take this lightly. We joke about over eating, about over drinking, and yet it appears our jokes are only continued. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we over indulge. Sometimes we binge. But continuously joking can actually be really detrimental to some people. The development of eating disorders is very real and very scary. It really isn't about controlling what you eat for some people. Sometimes they get lost in their actions and it's only after that they realize what they have just done to their bodies. So yes, the holidays can be very fun, but very difficult for some people. I've really worked on what I put in my body this year. I've had great months, but over indulging is something that has been very scarce recently and that is as mental as it is physical. I've learnt tricks to dodge moments of weakness, I've also learnt to not hate food. I've learnt to love it in a way that fuels my body in a healthy way, instead of over eating all the stuff that makes me feel so sick.

So how do you eat at a Christmas party without totally loosing it on the deserts table?! The answer is not to muzzle your mouth. Allow yourself to make good choices and indulge just a little.

1) Make sure this party has hummus and not ranch dip. Not everyone likes hummus, but for someone who is trying to maintain control, hummus can be your best friend. Ranch dressings are a mess of white stuff with herbs, at least with hummus, it's a healthy fat. There will probably be veggies to munch on before dinner or on the table, those are the good things. Especially when there's an array of other things to select. You can have a lot of veggies in a day too, so don't think you really have to limit yourself, also they make bomb hummus nowadays so if you don't plan on having cheese you can have a pretty large dollop.

2) Leading up to the party, have a really great day of healthy choices. Drink your water, exercise, basically treat your body like a temple. That way, if you do over indulge, you can remind yourself that its not the end of the world and that tomorrow is a whole new day. It's important to not beat yourself up for indulging. It happens, you're still a good person and it's a long process to unlearn to hate your body when you over indulge.

3) Stay away from anything that may have come in a package, box, meat incasing, and any part of the pig. Processed foods are not good for you and a lot of the times, those mini quiches and pigs in a blanket were not made from scratch. You have no idea what those companies put into their foods. Look for foods that were made from scratch and if you're not sure, ask the hostess. At least if it's made from scratch, chances are it was made with love and not any weird ingredients with super chemically names no one can pronounce.

4) Limit your alcohol intake to two. A nice buzz is all you need. Water is awesome, especially to help cleanse this extravagant meal.

5) Have a small dessert. I love squares, I pick the square I want and I make it obvious that it is the one I want to everyone. It's a small item that just lets you have the decadence of a dessert without totally killing you on the inside.

6) Use a smaller plate to avoid over eating. Cover half of it with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a small portion of whole grain carbs. If you have a relative who is insulted you haven't eaten more (first of all, ugh, that is so annoying, like can't they see you're trying to make a conscious effort to be healthy?!) just simply say "Oh, it was so good, but I cannot eat anymore, if I am going to have desert". That way, you get out of eating more.

7) If desert is a cake/pie of sorts. Take a small piece, say no to ice cream and whip cream. If you really don't like apple pie and that's all they have, you don't have to eat any! Seriously no one is shoving the food down your throat, you can afford to be rude.

8) People will not understand what you are doing. Some people are super oblivious to other people trying to maintain their health. They don't understand how difficult it is, they themselves have given up and are frustrated with themselves so they take it out on you, or maybe they have never gained weight from the holidays and eat everything. Whatever it is, don't be weak, be strong, you're so strong! You know better and maybe you could show that naysayer how to not have a food baby after eating.

9) There will be a box of chocolates. I love chocolate. This is my weakness. Dodge the box of chocolate as most as you can. Don't hate yourself if you do have a piece, but like if the temptation is really bad, close the lid. If that's not enough take the box and place it in a room where less people are. Chocolate can be great, but if you have already had desert, why do it to yourself?! Your body cannot digest that much food with that much sugar in it.

10) Watch/ read up on anything revolving the vegan lifestyle. I don't know why this works so well for me, but I like to remind myself of how much pain and suffering an animal has to go through for us to enjoy. Really makes me not want to indulge in a lot of desserts or meat or cheese. It's the weirdest trick I have, but it truly works so well.

Guys, I know eating at a Christmas party can be hard. I know what it's like to not be able to move after eating. This is not the end of you though. This may be the hardest part of the holidays for you and that's okay. I believe you will be able to sail through it and you will have the confidence to stand up to those bullies who just don't get it. You're rocking this healthy eating thing and that's the best part. Also, if you eat and drink just enough to fill you up, you wont bloat as much, hence, you will still look amazing at the end of the night.

Good luck and thanks for reading,



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