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Gift Guide 2016: Romantic Partners

Hello everyone and welcome to day one of 12 blogs of Christmas! I really wanted to go big this year, so I have come up with quite a few posts to fill your entire December. Every other day, there will be one post and sometimes there will be more.

Today, I have come up with three gift guides to help you with your gift purchases. The first gift guide is for romantic couples and I have tired to keep this as gender neutral as possible. I've included graphics, as a visual, but you will notice that below, there are actual links (bolded) to things I think everyone will love. Also, you may notice that some of these gifts repeat themselves, the point is to give you ideas with options, enjoy!



1) Baked goods I love giving baked goods, especially if I am in a new relationship! It makes a really nice cheap gift, but the thought is still there. My favourite cookies are gingerbread and cream cheese cutout cookies. (Recipe for this will be out later this month)

2) Body care essentials

You can never go wrong with a nice hand moisturizer, or body care item. You could even bundle a few items from Lush or The Body Shop as a nice little gift that doesn't cost a lot. I love the Tisty Tosty bath bomb with the Rose Jam Bubbleroon from Lush. I also love the Cake Beauty Heavy Cream Intensive Hand Repair Balm, perfect for winter hand holding.

3) Candle Where do they not sell candles nowadays?! It can be tough. I love a good bath and body works candle, Mahogany Balsam smells like a man next to a Christmas tree, but they are not soy. If you have issues with that, here is Natura Soy a company dedicated to soy plant based candles, oh and they're Canadian, which is even better! Chapters also has a variety of candles and I think the Illume cake tin candles are the cutest to give to someone.

4) Ornament What is cuter than a homemade ornament?! Nothing says "omg aren't we so cute?" like an ornament with your faces on it, or your thumb prints, or something that says "our first Christmas". Honestly, those clay ornaments about "our first house" are so sweet, here is a kit I found for a babies first Christmas, but you could change it.

5) Alcohol

Please don't buy your significant other a cheap bottle of alcohol. I really like Les Jamelles Pinot Noir and Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio. If they don't like wine, may I recommend a craft beer or cider? You could also make them a sangria kit or Mojito kit, or a kit for their favourite drink.


1) Christmas bouquet

One of the best gifts I've ever gotten was a Christmas bouquet. Not only are they a nice gesture, they are awesome for new couples who are still dating. Plus Fredericton has a great selection of florist to choose from and it helps a local business.

2) A Sweater/clothing item

Sure, a piece of clothing doesn't always say "I love you", but what it does say is "I think this would look great on you"/ "I want you to stay warm". I love white sweaters because they are so versatile, this one from Reitmans is very cute and thin, so you could tuck it into a skirt.

3) Care Package

Care packages are great because you could put just about anything in it. My ideal care package would be: My daily shampoo/conditioner, one of my Aveda hair care products, a face mask, chocolate, a mug with tea, a gift card to the movies, and wine. What you could get a guy: His shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream and razor, face cream, chocolate, mug with tea, gift cards, and wine/whatever alcohol they drink.

4) A Book, a Mug, tea, and a blanket

Essentially, the ultimate Chapters gift basket. Any book will do, cookbook, fiction, history, personal development, tablebook, business, biography, relationships ... whatever you want. Any mug will do, I love a good novelty mug, or themed mug. Any tea will do, but can I persuade you in DavidsTea Mothers Little Helper? So good. Also, any blanket will do, but the faux fur blankets from Winners and Home Sense are everything to cuddle up with.

5) Small appliance

Waffle makers are wonderful, so are food processors. If you're young and moving out, don't buy your own small appliances, get other people to do it for you. Like, you can get a toaster as a gift and that's just wonderful.


1) Birthstone/Gold jewelry (price will vary on quality/quantity)

I love really simple pieces that could go with anything, especially bracelets. When choosing jewelry, its key to pick something they will like, take a peek inside their jewelry collection to get some ideas. If you have no idea what to get them, try a classic piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime. Stick with round/square cuts, colours that will compliment their skin tone, and try and get a stone that isn't man made because although the price is right, the stone just isn't the same.

2) Technology

I'm not one to go out and buy myself a nice piece of technology, but if someone where to gift it to me, I wouldn't return it. You could get them a nice pair of headphones, bluetooth speakers, fitbit, kindle, or HP Sprocket.

3) Sunglasses

This is the big leagues for sunglasses, so you may as well get them something good. I really like funky sunglasses but maybe something more classic is what you want. You may also want to get a gift receipt because not everyone will love what you pick. You may also want to bring them to the store and get them to try out different looks and purchase them at another time. Or if you really do want it to be a big surprise, take their sunglasses and bring them to the store to find a pair that is similar in style.

4) Coat and boots

A nice winter coat can cost a lot of money, which makes them a great gift. You want something that will last and keep your loved one warm. The same thing goes for boots, they don't have to be leather, but they do have to be good quality, especially in Canada.

5) Watch

I think a watch is the most classic gift you can get someone. They don't necessarily have to be expensive, but a good quality watch will last a long time. Oh, but please don't think water resistant is water-proof, it's not and you will ruin it. Also, the more you take care of it, by cleaning it and letting a professional change the battery, the longer it will last.


1) Diamonds

Diamond studs are a classic. If you really don't want to buy a ring because it's not that time, perhaps a nice bracelet will also work. Diamonds are a really big purchase, so please take in account the cut, clarity, colour, and carat. There are so many options out there, but make sure the diamond is ethical.

2) Technology

A new laptop can cost a lot and so can a new phone. Another great piece to buy is a camera or apple watch.

3) Large Appliances

Maybe your loved one needs a new stove or a new washer and dryer, I personally think that would be a great present to give because it's incredibly practical.

4) Furniture

I love receiving furniture and a new piece of furniture can be incredibly thoughtful. Furniture can be incredibly pricey, so when someone gets you a new dinning room set, it's kind of amazing.

5) Expenses eg. Tires/car maintenance, credit card bills, rent/mortgage

Okay, so this one was the "we've been together for a really long time, what do we get each other?"section. I personally think that if you bought your loved one new tires, that would be great, or maybe you could pay off their credit card or you could cover a car payment for them. It's a nice gesture and super practical.

Thanks for reading and see you in an hour!



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