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Gift Guide 2016: Family

Hello everyone and welcome to todays second blog! In this gift guide, I've given you ideas as to what to get different family members. Sometimes shopping for different family members can be tough, especially since sometimes you never see them, so you have no idea what to get them. I didn't include every single family member, like kids and cousins because generally kids make a list to santa and aunts and uncles get to see that list too, so they can help Santa buy gifts ;)

Like the last post, I've linked items I think everyone will love in bold and I've done graphics that kind of match.


Moms and Dads:

1) Personalized coupons. Remember those days when you couldn't afford gifts for your parents so you made coupons for a free hug or one meal for four? Those were the days. This is super free and is so cute.

2) Black and Decker 12-cup Food Processor. I don't know why I love food processors, but you can do so much with them, so I really think getting your parents a food processor could be a very fun gift.

3) Spa gift card. Your parents work so hard, they deserve a break at the spa.

4) Dewalt Cordless Drill. A cordless drill can be expensive, but maybe mom or dad have wanted one and never got it because it's expensive. They are incredibly useful and kind of awesome to receive.

5) Martha Stewarts Vegetables. Martha Stewart knows how to cook and so a cookbook about vegetables may actually get everyone to eat them.

6) Ticket to Ride. The best board game and fun for the whole family.


1) Everpurse Kate Spade Quentin Black Wristlet. Okay, so for this, I wanted a rechargable purse and this is what I found. I think the option to have a battery in your bag when your out is great in case of emergencies.

2) Call it Spring Clazilda Texting Gloves. Super useful and their hands wont get cold.

3) Scratch Map. They are going to go on an adventure eventually, why not start them off right?

4) Mini Waffle & Sherpa Sock. These are so soft and so comfy, gifting these are sure to be a winner.

5) The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. Reading is so important, give them something they wont put down.


1) Beer Bottle Clock. I'm not sure if your brother drinks beer, but I thought this would look really cool on their wall.

2) Scratch off Map. Again, they are going to go on adventures, don't let them forget it.

3) Men's Mini Waffle & Sherpa Sock. Brothers need warm feet too.

4) Ice Ball Mould. Maybe you have a cool older brother who has a bar and needs cool accessories.

5) Stories of the Game Wayne Gretzky. Great for any brother (or anyone) who has played the game.


1) Basket of Chocolate. Grandparents are the ones who spoil you, you may as well spoil them with some treats too.

2) Slippers and/or Housecoat. Yes, it's a little boring, but I live in my slippers when I am at home and I am sure they could use a new pair.

3) Hamilton the Revolution. Okay, so Hamilton is a Tony Award winning musical and it's super amazing, may as well share that with your grandparents.

4) Vintage Game of Backgammon. It's such a classic game and it will give them something to do during the days.

5) Piece of Artwork. Personally, receiving art is so moving, so I am sure they would love something new to look at.

Aunt and Uncle:

1) Les Jamelles Pinot Noir. It's like butter, it's so smooth and so delicious. Perfect for your aunt and uncle to enjoy with some cheese or chocolate.

2) Ticket to Ride. It's a great game to add to anyones collection.

3) Born to Run Bruce Springsteen. For some reason, I just thought that aunts and uncles would love this, but realistically, anyone would.

4) Faux Fur Throw Blanket. When in doubt throw a blanket on it. Honestly, these blankets are so luxurious and so nice on a couch or a bed. Home decor is a great idea any time.

5) Gold Dipped Coupe Glasswear. Again, maybe they have a bar that needs a little jazzing up.


1) Les Jamelles Pinot Noir. Cousins, Aunts and uncles, why not it's delicious. Just make sure they are of legal drinking age.

2) Pyjama Set. LOL I used to get these all the time and hated it, but I used them so much, it seemed silly not to include.

3) Faux Fur Throw Blanket. I am repeating my options because throw blankets are awesome!

4) Oh She Glows Everyday. Cousins have to eat. The Oh She Glows Everyday is perfect for the cousin on the go, but wants to eat well.

5) Ice Ball Moulds. They are just so cool!


See you in one more hour with another gift guide and as always, thanks for reading!



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