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Gift Guide 2016: Friends

Hello everyone! Welcome to the last gift guide of the day! This one will be shorter because with friends, I believe, it's the thought that counts and you don't need to get them something big. I've included graphics and as usual, the bolded words are the link to where you could purchase what I think you'll love. Also, I've tried to keep this gender neutral, but obviously, it's not perfect.



1) Baked goods. Guys, there's no better gift than something made with love. Even if it's kind of burnt, no one will say anything.

2) Drugstore cosmetic. Low budget, but you want to give a little something that will bring a smile on someones face? Nothing does that like a lipstick or a nail polish. Or you could get them face wash. Something they will use.

3) Chocolate. Need I say more?

4) Hair Care products. I love getting shampoo and conditioner, it means I don't have to buy it. We use it all the time, so why not give it as a gift? Hair care products are the most practical gift.

5) Coffee shop gift cards. I personally love cappuccinos, but I would never buy one with my own money because they are $5. So if I had a gift card, than I could treat myself.


1) A Mug. I collect mugs, so maybe I'm a little bias, but I think with the amount of mugs with sayings on them, its a very fun gift to give.

2) Candle. I know I've used this one quite a bit today, but a candle is a really nice simple gift and lasts a while.

3) Ice balls. Trend: I think these are so funny/amazing. I think it also stems from the fact that Martha Stewart has started making ice balls and they are fabulous. I just want your friends to have fabulous kitchen accessories.

4) Wine, beer or spirit. I've also used this one quite a bit today, but it makes for an excellent gift. Especially for someone who may be in university and collects wine for times when they can't afford to go out. Please both be of legal drinking age if you are considering this gift!

5) Colouring book with pencils. I love colouring, it's so stress relieving and fun! It's a great gift for any friend.


1) Throw Pillow. House decorations can be so cheeky nowadays. I love throw pillows and they can be amazing gifts, especially for someone who is moving out for the first time, or re-decorating.

2) Cookbooks. I adore cookbooks. They make excellent gifts. One good cookbook will last so long and they can get so many recipes from it.

3) Nice scarf or mittens. It's like giving the gift of warmth.

4) High-end cosmetic. This one will be a little tricky, but Sephora has a great $25 and under section, where you can find lots of fun little goodies.

5) Movie Gift Card. Going to the movies is expensive so a movie gift card is a great gift to treat someone to a few movies!


Thank you for reading see you on the 3rd!



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