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My Most Used Makeup Brushes

I love my makeup brushes and I thought I'd share the ones I use the most. I have more, but they don't get used as much. Also the ones mentioned here may not be available anymore, but I thought I'd share. I'm going to go from left to right with the pictures.


So I have three foundation brushes that get used quite a bit. Now I have sponge blenders, but they aren't really special, so I haven't included them.

1) Nope this is not the Real Techniques brush. This is the knock off. I got this last winter at Winners and since I didn't have anything like it, I loved it. I love the triangle shape of the bristles and the thin handle.

2) The Quo Precision Foundation Brush. I can't find this on the website, but I paid $22 for it and I really love how soft the bristles are. It's great for the little areas like under eyes and the nose. If you want one like it, a flat precision foundation brush would also be great and those a lot easier to find.

3) The Cala Complexion stipling brush. I got this one at Winners as well, so the brush the company is not offering isn't exactly the same. I really needed a new stipling brush that was larger and this one won me over. The bristles are soft and cover a larger surface for days when I want lighter coverage and i'm in a rush. E.L.F cosmetics also makes a smaller stipling brush and I loved it until it just got too old from the foundation.


1) The QUO fan Brush. I use this one for highlighter and lose pigments. It's a very gentle brush and spreads out quite far. My only complaint is that when I washed it and tired to re-set it, it didn't dry the way I wanted it to. Overall though, it's a great fan brush that wont break the bank.

2) Real Techniques Blush Brush. I love this blush brush. It's so soft and gentle and doesn't spread the pigment harshly. It always applies it so naturally. Also because the section that holds the bristles is so long, when you wash it, you don't loosen the glue.

3) Bellapierre Powder Dome Brush. I got this one in a kit for Christmas, but it's the best and most soft powder brush I've ever used. I got this two-three years ago and its still incredibly soft and I've washed it a lot. The handles is also quite chunky, but it's great for dexterity reasons.

4) I on Beauty Countour Brush. I found this at Winners and again, I didn't have anything like it and I needed a new contour brush. I love how dense the bristles are and how they are at and angle to really lay a nice contour line on my cheek. If you can find one like this, I highly recommend it.

5) The Luxie Tapered Highlight Brush. This company markets itself as vegan and cruelty free, so I already can't complain. I got this in my Ipsy bag and didn't think I needed a highlighting brush... then I tried it and wondered how I lived so long without one. Not only are the bristles amazingly soft, but they distribute the colour so perfectly. It's a strong highlight, but doesn't overwhelm the face.


1) Still Spa Essentials Eyebrow Brush. I got this at Walmart for $3. It's all I need. I use a powder for my eyebrows and this is a very precise brush for my little bald spot. At one point, I also used this as an eyeliner brush and it worked well.

2) Flower E01 brush.I use it to get into the crease and to blend. This company no longer sells in Canada. It's large and kind of perfect since it's so soft. It's large so it covers a lot of area.

3) Simply Essential Small Highlighter Brush. I don't use it as a highlighting brush, but I do use it to define my crease when I am using a black or dark powder. The harsh line that the angle gives is perfect to get that solid smokey eye.

4) Sephora Collection Blending Eye. I couldn't find this online anymore and that's probably because this one is so much older then the rest. I love having a basic blending brush because this one was so light that it didn't ruin my eyeshadow, it just made sure there were no more harsh lines.

5) Beau Gachis Paris Eyeshadow Brush. This is great to pick up eyeshadow. It's small and kind of flat, so it applies the colour evenly. I got this in my Ipsy bag as well and I really like it for its softness and precision.

6) Sephora Collection Smudge Brush. Okay, so this is on sale right now, but it's out of stock online. It's the best smudge brush I've ever used. I love it with black eyeshadow instead of a liner for a softer line. I don't do a lot of liner, because I like the smudge brush so much more. I recommend getting a smudge brush, but make sure the bristles are short and really packed together.

7) Brow and Lash Brush. I got this in a kit when I was much younger, but this one has really nice bristles that really brush my brows so I can fill them. I never use the lash brush, I don't find it works.


Okay, so there are my brushes. I realize now that most of my brushes come from Winners, which is a great place to get brushes on the cheap.

Thanks for reading,

Samantha Dawn


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