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50 More Things About Me

Can you believe this is my 50th blog post on this blog?! Neither can I. To commemorate, I thought I'd share 50 more things about me.

1) I make my bed every morning

2) I need a monthly B12 injection

3) My favourite perfume is Honey from Marc Jacobs

4) My favourite wine is from Les Jamelles

5) I haven't had to buy moisturizer in over a year

6) My favourite desert is the blueberry tart from the Happy Baker

7) I watch too much Grey's Anatomy

8) I have nine decorative pillows in my room

9) I really want a dog

10) I constantly think about what I should be doing

11) I'll find you way more attractive if you can have an insightful conversation with me

12) Flowers make me very happy

13) I used to be able to tap dance

14) I love Star Wars

15) I make the best chocolate chip cookie

16) I have an air plant

17) I don't drink pop or juice

18) I watch Harry Potter every March break

19) I can knit

20) I make oatmeal every morning for breakfast

21) I have 101 bottles of nail polish

22) I donate my old books to the library

23) I love that I am a positive person

24) I do want to do everything by myself first, then I'll ask for help

25) I love burgers

26) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favourite flavour of ice cream

27) I am very proud of myself

28) Veggie pizza is the best

29) Education is everything to me

30) I'm really excited about my Christmas blog lineup

31) I'm really bad at sports

32) I think Martha Stewart is the best

33) I used to work at a jewelry store

34) I hate when people stop at a three way stop not knowing they have right of way

35) I love roller coasters

36) I love museums

37) Peanut butter on toast with apples is my idea of everyday desert

38) I am constantly dropping my phone

39) I love social media and technology management

40) "Go for Gold" is my favourite inspirational quote

41) Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits

42) I never liked bell peppers until this year

43) My heated blanket is the best winter accessory

44) I write hand written thank you cards and Christmas cards every year

45) Balloons are the best

46) I stopped buying eyeshadow pallets

47) I love floral art work

48) I like my short hair

49) I want to write a book

50) Carrie Bradshaw is kind of my writing idol

Thanks for reading,



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