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The Upward Curve: Intention Setting

Okay everyone,

When I first started on my journey of personal development and being a healthy person, I kept setting goals for myself like, do my workouts every day and eat clean 90% of the time, but what I didn't understand was intention setting. To be honest, I still am not 100% sure if I've got this down, but I thought let's try setting some intentions and see where this takes me.

So essentially from what I gather, intention setting is: a course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action, an objective. Or: an intention is a clear and positive statement of an outcome you want to experience.

Basically, a statement that is positive that would guide my actions for a certain outcome. Goals are in the future and intentions are present. Okay. I think I've got it. Let's set some intentions.


1) I intend to make fearless decisions. When I decide to live in fear, I am just lying to myself, I am not living authentically. So living fearlessly, allows me to be who I really am. Living fearlessly allows me to make decisions I would normally shy from.

2) I intend to make healthier choices everyday. Choosing to nourish my body, to move it, to be mindfully aware of my choices. I want them to be healthy, I don't want to be clouded by choices what didn't make me a better person, I don't want to make choices that are clouded by the illusion of a better choice.

3) I intend to forgive others, myself, and to love unconditionally. I don't forgive easily, but to forgive has been so impactful on my personal development. I realized that forgiving leads to the removal of negative energies and has totally allowed me to discover a new side of happiness. It's allowed me to love unconditionally again.

4) I intend to see, own and become who I really am as fully as possible. I love who I am and I want to continue on the path that I currently am on because it's pretty fantastic.

Thanks for reading,



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