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The Upward Curve : A Life Update

Lately, I've been really disappointed in myself and I have no reason to be. I think we get so used to being able to list off the things that aren't perfect in our lives that we forget to list things that are kind of incredible. I am always listing things that aren't working for me and I could sit here and list off the things and be all "whoa is me", but that won't get me very far in life.

I've had this mind shift that, I could focus on things that aren't working out for me, but what kind of effect will that have one me? I think it will be a negative outcome and I don't need negative outcomes in my life. If I focus on positive aspect in my life, more positive outcomes will happen.

Example: If I remind myself that I haven't worked out in four days, I'll just talk myself out of working out for a fifth day and my eating will be bad because I haven't worked out. If I remind myself that I haven't worked out in four days and I really need to get back to my program because I made a commitment to myself and #wedontquitonourgoals, then chances are, I'll actually restart the week this Monday and get back to it. Maybe I'll even see results I want.

I haven't been on track and I completely gave into old habits. What are my old habits? Not working out when I am stressed. I'm actually shocked I didn't stress eat, but I didn't do it as much as I used too. Old Sam could down two donuts and a cup of coffee to keep going during the stressful moments. New Sam, waited until after and treated herself instead (its a small progress). I haven't been on track because of stress, not enough endorphins, and I just haven't cared for myself in the way I should have. I've been putting myself second and that's just not okay. I need new goals, I need something that will excite me to get those goals done, and I need to focus on positive aspects for positive outcomes.

I'm taking the next two and a half months to myself, unlike most grads, I didn't take time off after graduating and now I actually get to have time to myself. Which is the most strange feeling. I don't like it, but I'm going to have to get used to it.


Let's check in on my goals for the next five weeks:

- Re-do week four of PiYo. I stopped at day two of week four and that's because I was stressed and tired. Not okay, especially when exercise gives your the right kind of energy.

- Cut added sugars from my diet. I know that the cleaner my diet, the better I feel. So sugar is leaving the building to allow me to re-shape my clean lifestyle.

- Drink water everyday and drink a lot of it. I haven't been drinking enough water and my body is showing the symptoms of not drinking it.

- Go outside and enjoy nature. This one is always on the list and it's always ignored the most. Since I have a lot more time in my life, I am going to make an effort to enjoy the world.

- Clean my room. I live in this space the most and the messier it is, the messier my brain is. There's something about having a clean room that makes me calmer.

- Start learning how to code. Java, I am coming for you! I've always wanted to learn how to code and since I have a ton of time for myself right now, I am going to self-teach. There's no reason to hide behind the fact that coding is super cool and I don't need to feel afraid to say I want to do this.

- Keep to my blog schedule. Anyone else notice I had a great schedule going and then it just died. Oh good, I'm not alone. I love blogging and I'm going to try and make it more interesting, again. I evolve, so my blog evolves.

- Make suppers. I love making suppers, it's my jam, but I rarely have time to do it because normally I get home so late. I have so much time to meal prep now!

- Read the books I have. I love buying books and not reading them. I mean I do read them eventually, but I mostly it's like buy three books, read one, buy two more. I have to get through my collection.

- Lift my vibrations positively to manifest and sustain positive personal success. Here's the video to explain this.

Thanks for reading everyone!



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