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My Hair Care Routine

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, I was taking a picture of me and my smoothie to track my Shakeology intake and I was looking at my hair and I had never seen it so full of volume before. I was pretty excited, so I thought I'd share it with everyone because my hair hasn't looked this good since I had a bald spot. Then I thought, why not share the evolution of my hair and my hair care routine in today's blog!

Fall 2011: I had very very blonde hair and it was pretty healthy. I was rocking the side part and I'm pretty sure soon after this picture was taken, I had a middle part. It totally looks healthy no sign of a bald spot.

Aug 2012: This was from my first and ever photoshoot for a friends business. As you can see, there is no bald spot and my middle part looks full enough and I was working my way away from the blonde hair. Not too long after that picture was taken, I box dyed my hair with what I thought was light brown... it was almost black, but that's okay since it lightened to match my natural hair colour.

Fall 2013: Went to Kings Landing here, again, middle part isn't thinned out and although flat, it's not totally unhealthy, just flat.

Winter 2014: No thinning at the top, just flat and lifeless. This was part of my "Sam's hair hasn't had a hair cut in over a year" phase.

Winter 2015: By this point, I had gotten ombre in the fall, my hair had been cut and styled, but this was February and I had just noticed that my hair was thinning at the front top. I was hiding it by styling my hair like normal and then flipping it over. This way, you couldn't really notice that my middle part was fading outward.

Spring 2015: At this point, it was April. I was very stressed for personal reasons and tired. I had just found out why I was exhausted and thats when I had started getting injected for B12 every month. I couldn't however pin-point why I had a bald spot. So I was put on a waiting list for the dermatologist and decided one night to just book an appointment and chop off 11 inches. I figured, maybe it's because my hair was so long that my roots couldn't support the length. Even the hairdresser remarked that I had thin hair. As you can see, it did help, but you can see the spot where it was thin. I started to use volumizing spray, which I still use today, but not because I really need it, mostly because I love volume.

Spring 2016: By spring 2016, I had put a lot of time and effort into fixing the volume of my hair. I stopped using shampoos with sulfate since it dries the hair and scalp (I didn't need a dry itchy scalp, that wasn't going to help), I had gotten a hair shampoo/conditioner/scalp invigorator set which was really nice and had helped, but I didn't have a budget for shampoo that was $35 for a small bottle. The shampoo was an exfoliating one, it was nice (yay for chemical peels). Then I finally got to go to the dermatologist (10 months later) she prescribed a chemical shampoo that did the same thing as the expensive one (but like way cheaper and not filled with the same ingredients) My hair was thicker still quite thin, but I was still hiding the bald spot. Aug 2016: Here's the biggest difference in my hair. That day I didn't even use a volumizing spray. Just the scalp invigorator for some added end of day volume (it's legit). At this point, I had been drinking Shakeology for 3 months can't you see the difference? Here's what a million products don't give you: the nutrients your hair needs to be full a healthy. It can boost your hair for a little bit, but not for long and not forever.

Here is me right before I started drinking Shakeology and here's me now:

Weird how when you start to take care of your health, your body just reacts positively.


Okay, now time for my hair routine. I have also dramatically changed this from five years ago, I am way more aware of how to take care of my hair because loosing your hair at 23 wasn't going to be my life story. Being healthy was.

1) Shampoo. I use a shampoo prescribed to me. I leave that in for 2-3 minutes and it's essentially an exfoliating shampoo. Then I use my volumizing shampoo from Organix.

2) Conditioner: I use the Thick and Full conditioner from Organix. I like to use the matching shampoo and conditioner. I like this brand, but the bottle has lasted forever and I am itching to use a new product, so I wont be repurchasing, but it does work and is nice since there aren't sulfates.

3) Brush: I use a tangle teezer (or a knock off) after showering because this is when the hair follicle is the weakest. The wet brush gets rid of tangles and is super gentle.

4) Aveda Scalp Revitalizer from the Invati collection: It says to use this day and night, everyday. I don't have the patience for that, so I use it once I am out of the shower. I use eight sprays over the top of my head and rub it in. I really like this, it really does add volume. It's like $75 a bottle. Mine last me 6 months and they have always been gifted to me.

5) Aveda Thickening Tonic: This thickening tonic is pretty powerful. I spray it in over the top of my fair and I brush it back. Someone once told me ot only works if you spray it all over the hair... no, you can spray it where you want. I love it and it's $40, such a nice product for someone who has thin hair and needs volume.

6) Leave in conditioner: I use l'Oreal's Ever Creme Leave In Spray. It's sulfate free and its just a nice little touch to the ends of the hair after a shower. It's similar to It's a 10, but not the same.

7) Blow dry: Yes, I blow dry my hair every time I shower. I use a medium heat and I got the hair dryer for Christmas, so I don't know where it came from.

8) Style: I lightly straighten my hair in the places that are very wavy, but I don't do much other than that.

9) Dry Shampoo: I stopped using aerosol bottles of dry shampoo because it's really bad for the environment and it last like a month. It's also super expensive for a months use. I now use powder dry shampoos that are designed for that purpose, so I don't use baby powder. I don't like baby powder, but only because it makes my scalp itchy. I also don't use them everyday, just when I don't wash my hair and I need to be in public. I really like: Aveda's Shampure Dry Shampoo and Bumble and Bumbles Pret-a-Powder.

10) Shakeology: Not only is this an integral part of my diet, it's not important for my hair. It's the best. It's a powder with protein in it, but also all the nutrients your body needs in a day to thrive at it's highest capacity. Your body need nutrients. Where do you find nutrients? In vegetables and healthy foods your body needs to thrive. You won't find it in a pill, or the protein powder, or even in the few vegetables you eat in a day. We are way to over fed and under nourished in our society and we don't even realize it. We just want to loose weight or bulk up. So what do you do to lose weight? eat less, but mostly things that don't fill us up, so we starve. Or we want to bulk up and we completely ignore vegetables and depend on protein powders and way too much meat. I wasn't trying to do either, but I wasn't eating enough nutrient dense food (vegetables) and my body was showing it through my hair. I would just eat until I was full and not realize that those weren't the best for my hair or my health.

That's my hair routine! Thanks for reading,



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