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50 Things About Me

Hello everyone!

I saw a Youtuber do this, this morning and thought, "this could be a lot of fun", it's like filling out one of those notes from high school on Facebook mixed with filling out a dating profile. I just like sharing things with you all, it's fun for me. There isn't a distinct reason why I am doing this, I just thought maybe someone would enjoy reading it.

1) I'm a gemini.

2) My first language is French.

3) I own 10 mugs. 4) I have light blue eyes, but sometimes they turn grey.

5) My favourite book is The Help.

6) My favourite song is Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

7) I say I love surfing, but I only tried it once in Hawaii.

8) My favourite movie is Back To The Future I,II,III.

9) I always have a personal development book with me.

10) I really do organize for fun.

11) 3/4 of my room decorations come from Home Sense.

12) I am a Beachbody coach.

13) I share a birthday with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

14) I love flowers.

15) I have a tooth implant.

16) I am allergic to cats.

17) Kauai, Hawaii is the most beautiful place I've been.

18) I have a little sister who is the best.

19) I can't have lactose.

20) I love vegan cooking and love the vegan lifestyle.

21) I am not vegan. 22) I love my family.

23) I would go to the cottage in Quebec any day if I could.

24) Halloween is my favourite holiday.

25) Random acts of kindness make me happy.

26) I love Goldfish crackers.

27) I love trying new foods.

28) I love vegetables way more than any other food group.

29) My favourite colour is pink.

30) I'm trying to be more minimalistic.

31) I love all wines.

32) I love learning.

33) I try and exercise everyday.

34) I surround myself with people who love me.

35) I drink my coffee black.

36) I love sheet masks.

37) I was really into extra-curricular activities and being an involved student.

38) I love when the skies are grey and everything looks calm.

39) I love fog.

40) I know almost all the words to Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

41) My favourite perfumes all have notes of flowers in them.

42) I am positive.

43) I am so proud of myself and my accomplishments.

44) Gender and Women's study is my favourite topic to study, so it Strategy.

45) I am way more mature than my age.

46) I have a peace lily named Talula.

47) I love classic Adidas sneakers.

48) I love hypoallergenic dogs.

49) I own a lot of stationary paper products.

50) I choose love and kindness every chance I get.

This was really fun and I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading,



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