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10 Things On My Vision Board

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, like last November, I made a vision board. I was only taking two classes and working full time, so I had some time to kill. I had a vision board already, but it was pretty bleak, so I decided to vamp it up a little and make it more realistic for where I was in life last November. There were things like: graduating, working on myself, and becoming councillor of the year... yeah, I visioned that.

All the things on my vision board were pretty great, but they were starting to become outdated. I love visioning, I'm a big believer that if you put it out there and you look at it everyday, you will remind yourself to not give up on your goals. I also love sharing it with everyone because I am so proud of my goals and I can't wait to see them through.

So I thought I would share the 10 biggest items on my vision board. My board is divided into sections. So I'll also explain those.


How I separated my board: 1) My Personal Life: I've got some serious personal life goals and I hadn't really had a section like this until I decided that it was time to vision them out.

2) My Mental and Physical Health: I had a very tiny section for this before. Now it covers a whole corner. I mean all I wanted before was "legs strong enough to hike all the way to the top". I definitely added a whole section for this.

3) My Business and My Career: If you didn't know, I'm a Beachbody coach and I just want to grow my team with people who want to better themselves and want to do it out of love for themselves. I also want to have a career that I love. These two things needed to be on m board.

4) Traveling and Adventure: Because what vision board doesn't have some sort of adventure section?

5) Writing and Youtube: Sure, it looks like a bunch of makeup, but it's a reminder of where my blog has grown from and where it's going. It's my creativity corner.


10 Items on my board:

1) A House: I live with my parents. I love them, I am 100% grateful for everything they have given me, and I am so proud of them, but I would be okay getting a place of my own. I just feel that I am ready to move out, but I don't want to do it before I am financially secure to rent out a place every month.

2) A Bar Cart: I want to have diner parties with my couple friends or my single friends. I just want to have a fancy diner party and I want it to be fabulous. Does having a bar cart mean I am adulting on a whole new level? Yes it does, so get ready friends.

3) A sign that says "Read all the Books": I've been reading a whole lot of personal development books. I love them, I think they are fundamental in life and I think they allow people to discover themselves in positive ways. I just want to keep reading them and focus on myself.

4) A Piggy Bank: I want to save my money. I have been blessed with the ability to go to school debt free and to have a debt free life and that's because my family planned for it and they wanted to offer me that option (guys I really am grateful for my parents). I want to be able to continue on that path and to offer it to my children when they grow up. So I figured if I continued to work and save and spend a little when I want, I could keep this positivity with my money. I don't see money as a negative burden in my life or as a way to get everything I want, I see it as a useful tool. Money wont buy me happiness.

5) Suit Cases: I want to travel, on my own, in places like South Africa and Bali. I want to discover places that people don't go to on a typical trip. There's too many beautiful places in the world and I want to discover them.

6) A dog: I had a dog and I loved him, I got him when I was seven and he was the best thing. He passed away three years ago and I have wanted one since. So I put a dog on my vision board, I will get one, I just need to keep putting those good vibes out there and eventually it will be the right time and I will get one.

7) Killer Confidence: I work on this everyday. Everyday I have to work on my confidence. For so long, I believed the negative things people said about me and for so long I didn't have confidence in myself. Eventually, I realized that the people who were mean and terrible were gone, but it was my inner mean girl that kept me down. Once I stopped listening to her, I noticed changes in life that were monumental. So everyday, I love myself because I am the most important thing in my life.

8) Leader: Whether I know how to lead or not in certain situations, being a leader has changed my life for good. I can be a supporter when I need too, but my instinct is to be a leader and ignite magic in someone's life. Not everyone has loved my leadership style, but I'm 23. So you know, I'm still learning every day. And I know that I am learning from my mistakes.

9) Healthy Foods: I for the longest time ate like I hated my body. University is not conducive to healthy eating. The options we need aren't there and if you threw me a chocolate bar or a banana, I would have eaten a chocolate bar. Now that's not to say I wont eat chocolate today, but I've educated myself on what should be put in my body and second breakfast isn't on the list. Neither is two donuts, or Doritos and a whole bag of chocolate, banana bread everyday, or over doing it on alcohol. We listen to our friends and not our bodies in university and TBH, that drove me down a path I didn't like. So for me, I've started listening to my body and my body is pretty smart and knows when it needs the nutrients and when it should stop having fun in social gatherings.

10) Open to Love: I am not a lovey-dovey person. I don't really show affection well and I don't see a problem with it. That doesn't make me a bad person, but I do realize that showing love in my everyday life is positive for myself and others. I enjoy love bombing people because they are important to me and man it feels great. I love seeing love in my couple friends and I love seeing love given between people through random acts of kindness. Love is kind of the strangest thing ever, but I've decided to be more open to it because I have decided to live out of love instead of fear. Love is great when there's a constant flow of it.

Thanks for reading, I hope you make a vision board and it brings you the best things. Samantha


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