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  • Samantha Dawn

The Slight Edge: A Fitness Update

I'm not naturally motivated to workout. It actually takes a lot of mental energy to exercise. Recently, I've been doing so well, I'm actually really proud of myself because I am doing things that are sometimes completely foreign to me (I like beats now). So with all this really great change, I got a little relax on my workouts and my health. It started off really slowly. I'd miss a morning workout and decide to do it at night, or I'd have a sneaky treat at lunch.

It started off slowly, then it started to get a little bit more aggressive. I'd miss the workout completely and then I would really take my diet to a whole new level of bad. I wasn't blogging, I wasn't drinking enough water, and I certainly was not doing the things I should be doing to stay healthy. But I was doing so well, I could afford to stop for a little bit right? No, that's not how continual success works. Continual success works if you keep doing it. I hit a fraction of my goals and it was like I had reached the top of a mountain. Time for a break.

Flash back to last week when I hit the low point. Snack's at the office. It was like I was 11 and discovering sugary treats for the first time. Not pretty.

Well, those treats created a really big problem. Not only did I feel ill after eating all those sweets, I was sick the next day as well. I'd been eating clean/well for so long, that my body had gotten used to eating healthy and had a really hard time processing all the sugar. It didn't matter how much water I drank to flush my system, I still felt sick. Finally, after two days of feeling awful, the feeling passed. I went to the market and slow clap for me, I didn't buy any junk. Neither did anyone else for me.

Here's what I've learnt: 1) Huge amounts of anything is bad for your body. Even if we were to take those five sweet treats I had and switched them for fruit, that's too much sugar for my body (or anyone). It's like drinking five blackflies, everyone would say that's a crazy idea, everyone would tell you not to do it and the next day you feel sick from, well you know. The same concept goes for food, if you over indulge, you will feel sick.

2) I should have had Shakeology before going for treats. Not only does Shakeology have all the nutrients I need, it tastes like chocolate. Delicious chocolate with strawberries, it's like a romantic date in a cup and no one has to feed you while looking soulfully into your eyes. Win Win.

3) I stopped doing those little things that made me feel great. I stopped feeling amazing because I wasn't doing the things that were making me feel freakin' fabulous!

I stopped following the slight edge.

How does the slight edge work? Basically, you have your upward curve and your downward curve.

Upward curve: Doing a lot of little things to achieve your goals and continuously doing them to continue succeeding.

Downward curve: Not doing those little things to succeed and failing after continuously not doing them.

For the first four weeks, I was on the upward curve, I was doing great, then I got entitled and thought "I deserve a break, I eat vegetables everyday". That's when the curve started heading downward. I stopped doing those small little amazing things. At first it seemed to be fine and then the curve started to really curve down.

So does that mean I stop completely and admit defeat? Did the girl from Flashdance stop dancing?


I set some ambitious goals for myself and my health. I want to see those goals completed as best I can and I'm not doing that right now. I am so glad I have my challenge group because those people are the ones that keep me going. So what am I going to do? I'm gonna pick myself up and go back to doing the things that made me feel fabulous!

It's the journey to the destination that has all those bumps and curves, you just need to know what you hit and move on from it. So fix your flat tire, ignore the possum you hit, and keep driving the speed limit because you will get there.

Thanks for reading, here's a little motivation to keep you going.​



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