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Road Reveals: My Cookbook Collection

Hello everyone!

Back in January of 2015, I gave myself the goal to learn how to cook. I researched so many things online and I became obsessed with Youtube cooking shows and buying cookbooks. Am I a master chef? No, but I do love a good cookbook and I actually speed read through them because there's always so much interesting stuff inside of them. I can't say I have tried a lot of recipes from them, but they are great when I want to make something. Plus, since I buy them it's a great incentive to actually use them. I have found a love of cooking in these books and I can happily say that I wouldn't starve if I were left alone. So I thought I would share my collection because the cookbook isle at Chapters can be pretty intimidating.

Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson

I picked this one up for $3 at Home Sense! I love that it had over 425 recipes and that I could reach for it as a vegan tool when I wanted it. Fun fact, I can only cook vegan/vegetarian meals. The only downside to this book is that there aren't any pictures. I only wish I could host dinner parties and try their love at first bite section, the Nacho with Presto Queso sounds amazing!

The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon

I just got this book from my friend for my birthday! It's actually a perfect gift for me. This book is vegan as well and it looks so good. The Out-the-door chia power doughnuts look amazing, so does the sunrise scramble with roasted home fries & avocado toast. Also, the grilled portobello burger with sun-dried tomato kale-hemp pesto. Doesn't that sound so delicious?!

Thug Kitchen, eat like you give a F*ck by Thug Kitchen

If the tittle wasn't enough to pull me in, the reputation did. I love the satire feel of this book, but at the same time, they want you to eat better and be better as a human by eating vegan. This cookbook is so nicely constructed, like it looks nice and will stand the test of time. The tortilla soup looks wonderful and they have a great variety of foods to try that aren't all vegetables and boring.

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

I got this book for $9 at Winners! I have also wanted this book for so long, so I'm glad I found it on sale. I have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver and so I am so glad he made a book of super healthy recipes. This book is not vegan but I think you could make them vegan easily enough. The Mega veggie burgers garden salad & basil dressing. Yum.

Vegetarian by GoodHousekeeping

The black bean burger is so amazing! So delicious and so easy to make. There's a ton of recipes to choose from and they can be made vegan as they give you the options! This was one of my first cookbooks and has been a great addition to my collection.

Thrive Energy Cookbook by Brendan Brazier

This was the first cookbook I bought and I bought it because it had so many tools like sauces and tips on how to eat plant-based. I like that every recipe with a sauce has the sauce in the book. There's a great desert section!

So there's my cookbook collection! I hope you enjoyed and let me know if I am missing out on a great cookbook. I like to keep them pretty healthy and I try to stay away from cookbooks that use dairy and meat. What's your favourite cookbook?

Thanks for reading, Samantha


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